Sportswear brand Montirex uses Klaviyo email and SMS to increase revenue by over 300%

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You don’t have to walk very far in Liverpool before you spot someone wearing Montirex. The technical sportswear brand was created by two locals – best friends Daniel and Kieran – and it’s taken the city by storm. Montirex’s tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts and quarter-zips are designed with performance in mind and made with technical fabrics and trims to maximise comfort. 

The brand has recently secured deals with two major sports retailers – quite a feat for a three-year-old startup. Still, over 60% of its revenue is generated from direct-to-consumer sales, and that’s where Klaviyo comes in.

Learn how the sportswear startup uses SMS to make subscribers feel like they’re part of an exclusive club


Montirex wants to accelerate nationwide adoption of the brand, and that means scaling DTC using the brand’s owned marketing channels. With a young, active audience, Montirex wants to use both email and SMS to create a personal connection with customers and build brand loyalty. Before switching to Klaviyo, the ecommerce team used separate services for email and SMS – Mailchimp and SMS Bump – but after finding it fiddly to build segments, they concluded the system was not scaleable.


Since switching to Klaviyo the brand has doubled the size of its subscriber base and around 40% of the audience has opted in to receive SMS. Using Klaviyo, Montirex can create multi-channel flows to engage with subscribers at every stage of the sales funnel. The platform’s flow builder makes it easy to include SMS and email together in a single flow, and use segmentation to determine which channel is used at each step. Plus, now the team can access data and reporting all in one place.

Being able to manage both our SMS and email activity through a single platform has been a huge factor in the growth of these channels over the last 6 months. It allows us to make smarter segmentation decisions as we have more customer data to utilise.

Leighton Kearns , Trading Manager, Montirex


Montirex uses SMS to make subscribers feel like they’re part of an exclusive club by making sure they’re the first to hear about VIP offers, big launches and flash sales. Since most recipients will open a text message they receive, Montirex also uses SMS to provoke an immediate response – when a subscriber fails to complete a purchase, for example. This approach keeps the brand enthusiasts engaged and has led to SMS achieving a high average click rate of 9.3%.

The use of SMS in our flows has been very effective, particularly in abandoned cart flows as this creates a sense of urgency for the customer.

Leighton Kearns , Trading Manager, Montirex

In the abandoned cart flow, Montirex varies messaging according to the value of the goods. It offers shoppers who’ve abandoned a high-value cart a discount, and uses both email and SMS to remind them to complete the purchase. The strategy works: the flow generates 30% of the revenue attributed to Klaviyo. 

Montirex also uses SMS in the abandoned browsing flow by sending a quick text to subscribers 30 minutes after they’ve exited the website. It achieves an average click rate of 32%, which means almost a third of subscribers revisit the store as a result of receiving the message.

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