3 agency insiders share why they partner with Klaviyo

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April 22, 2024
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More than 6K agencies choose to partner with Klaviyo.

It’s a win-win: The agencies help Klaviyo customers power smarter digital relationships through email, SMS, mobile push, and reviews—all in a single, intuitive platform. And Klaviyo puts its agency partners first, empowering them to build profitable, sustainable businesses with trainings on new products, agency-specific tools, and early access to Klaviyo’s roadmap.

Of course, no one knows the partner experience better than agency leaders themselves. We spoke to 3 of them—at 3 very different agencies—about why partnering with Klaviyo just makes sense.

Below, you’ll find perspectives from professionals at:

  • CQL, an agency that manages platform migrations for mid-market ecommerce brands
  • In the Inbox, a boutique agency focused on personalized email marketing
  • SmartSites, a digital agency with robust email and SMS marketing services

Note: Quotes have been condensed and edited for clarity.

What makes you excited to recommend Klaviyo to customers?

Mary Krause, partner manager, CQL: We always recommend Klaviyo because our clients have great success on the platform and our team has expertise integrating Klaviyo with any of our ecommerce platform partners: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, and especially Shopify.

In most cases, the merchants that choose CQL for a re-platform project are already using Klaviyo, and choose to stick with it. That speaks volumes to the value they’re getting from the solution, from integrating products into customer emails to advanced marketing automation.

In most cases, the merchants that choose CQL for a re-platform project are already using Klaviyo, and choose to stay on it.
Mary Krause
Partner manager, CQL

Our team also loves that Klaviyo continues building out products beyond email. The constant evolution of offerings means our clients don’t have to manage multiple marketing tools and systems as they expand their marketing —from email, SMS and reviews, to Klaviyo’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). Our clients can easily connect digital experiences across channels and centralize their data on a single platform, allowing for efficiency and growth.

Bryan Richey, founder and email strategist, In the Inbox: When I first started using Klaviyo, email was their bread and butter. But in the last few years, I’ve been really excited to see that Klaviyo has extended their offerings to include a more omnichannel approach.

It’s been great to be able to really tailor preferred messaging to our clients’ customers in Klaviyo, whether that’s with SMS, push notifications, reviews, or a combination of all 3 with email. It has been a really powerful opportunity to bring to our clients.

What’s the coolest Klaviyo use case you’ve seen?

Richey: Recently, for an apparel company, we built out what I called an extended cart abandoned flow. We customized the flow based on cart value, loyalty status, and how many purchases the customer had made in the past.

So if this was the customer’s first cart abandonment, we talked about free shipping and some other unique value props that a new customer would need to know. For loyalty customers, we added in how many points they’d earned and if they had a reward available, and we made sure they knew that they could use that toward their cart check-out. It was very successful.

So often, brands don’t care to segment their new subscribers .But they really do need a lot of hand-holding at the beginning.
Ashley Ismailovski
Director of email marketing, SmartSites

Ashley Ismailovski, director of email marketing, SmartSites: For me, it’s creating a new subscriber segment for anybody who has entered your list in the last 15-30 days.

So often brands don’t care to segment their new subscribers—they just think they’ll move down the funnel on their own, they’ll make a purchase, they’ll interact with email. But they really do need a lot of hand-holding at the beginning. They need information put in front of them in an easy way, so that they can feel comfortable in making that purchase decision. Your job is to make them aware of any promotions, and make sure they can access informative content about your products.

Why is Klaviyo a valuable partner for your agency?

Krause: Our Shopify practice is the fastest-growing practice within CQL—we’re a top Shopify agency partner for enterprise merchants, and Klaviyo is a key partner as we both expand our strategic presence in digital experiences within the Shopify ecosystem.

We love how Klaviyo proactively provides numerous client-facing and partner-facing product updates, best practices, and webinars, affording CQL and our clients regular opportunities to learn about Klaviyo’s ever-improving platform. The partnership also includes opportunities to co-sell, co-market, a great partner support system, and a partner portal full of resources and training coursework.

I’ve been really impressed with how Klaviyo respects and includes partners.
Bryan Richey
Founder and email strategist, In the Inbox

Richey: Since I’ve joined Klaviyo’s partner program, I’ve been really impressed with how Klaviyo respects and includes partners as part of their overall community. They share a ton of content and even courses on their new features—I really recommend reviewing those to wrap your head around all the functionality. The more you know the platform, the better you can recommend Klaviyo to your clients.

Klaviyo also offers agencies a ton of opportunities to volunteer and get involved—whether that’s posting in Klaviyo Community, providing feedback on a new beta course, or joining a virtual training session. Do it! You’ll be able to learn from other peers and a lot of different people using the tool, and you’ll get to meet a lot of different people from Klaviyo. It can really change your business.

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