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June 6, 2024
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Think of transactional emails and texts like receipts.

They are essential after a purchase but should not include marketing. However, these high-value messages provide an opportunity to infuse branding and build confidence and trust with your customers.

Previously, creating content that is confidently transactional while showcasing your brand has been tricky. It was a time-consuming process requiring manual reviews and extensive back and forth just to get a piece of content live or to make minor edits.

This complexity hindered efficiency and flexibility in managing transactional communications, which is why we got to work on fixing it.

Klaviyo’s latest update addresses these pain points by introducing two significant improvements: In-App transactional content review and customizable SMS transactional content. These features are designed to enhance your workflow, providing flexibility and efficiency in managing transactional communications.

What is in-app transactional content review?

With this feature, you can now create, submit, and get approvals for your transactional emails and SMS messages directly within Klaviyo.

This eliminates the need for support tickets, allowing for a faster and smoother approval process. You can streamline your messaging process, ensuring your marketing efforts continue without unnecessary delays.

What is customizable SMS transactional content?

Unlock the full potential of your SMS order updates by customizing your transactional messages. Tailor your content to better suit your brand and audience needs, ensuring your communications are always on point.

This new level of customization allows you to add branding and personalization to your transactional texts, enhancing the customer experience.

This update is only available for paid SMS accounts. If you have a free SMS account, you will still be able to create transactional text messages but not customize them.

How to access the new Klaviyo features

Getting started with these new features is straightforward:

  1. Navigate to flows: Open a flow where you want to set up a transactional notification.
  2. Customize your messages: For SMS, you now have the ability to edit the content of your SMS order updates directly.
  3. Apply for transactional status: Check the “Apply for transactional status” box to mark your message for review.
  4. Submit for review: Finalize your content and click “Submit for Review.” Your content will be locked during the review process, which typically takes a few minutes but can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

Head over to our What’s New page to see what else has recently launched in your Klaviyo account.

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Rob Hand
Rob Hand
Product Marketing Manager, SMS
Rob has been at Klaviyo for over 4 years where he’s grown into several roles including Principal Customer Success Manager, helping customers strategically grow their business. He discovered his passion for SMS marketing and has since joined the Marketing team as the Product Marketing Manager for SMS. In his free time, Rob is a cyclist and runner.