How Klaviyo makes building exceptional customer experiences even easier

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How long does it take for you to write an email or tap out a text message? Probably not very long—that’s because you’re only sending one message to one person. But when you send multiple messages to thousands of people, things get a little more complicated.

That’s why marketers partner with automation platforms, like Klaviyo, to do the heavy lifting. 

Not only will platforms like Klaviyo automate the sending of your emails and texts, but it has features that’ll make it easy for you to customize the design of every message you share—giving you the ability to focus on creativity, rather than process. 

At Klavio’s product event on October 27 in Boston, co-founder and CEO Andrew Bialecki announced several new features that will help business owners improve the quality messages they send—and improve engagement with their customers. 

Focus on details

Design matters. If something looks off to you, most likely it won’t look right to your subscribers, either. But it can be frustrating to use design software that’s not intuitive. Plus, having to duplicate your work across other campaigns and flows is an additional headache. Hear how Leilani Luna, email marketing manager at Hylete, explains it: 

The new template editor and signup form library updates in Klaviyo will make those design headaches a thing of the past. Now, you can build emails efficiently, without having to worry about losing your work along the way. 

Intuitive template editing

The template editor is where you go to build messages in Klaviyo—and the platform is now faster, easier, and more intuitive than ever. You can easily customize every element of your layout—quickly changing the fonts, images, and colors. And reordering the content blocks in your email is as simple as dragging and dropping. Plus, the platform will automatically save your progress, so you don’t have to worry about losing hours of work if you accidentally exit out of your browser.

Some other new features in the template editor:

  • Undo your mistakes with a one-click undo/redo button 
  • Group blocks together so that you can save them for future use 
  • Create sophisticated templates with text or buttons that float over a dynamic background image
  • With the new testing capabilities, you can easily preview how your emails will look on a desktop or mobile device

The universal content feature in the new template editor will transform the way you work. No one likes having to comb through templates to make each update individually. With the universal content feature, you can now make one change to your saved content—say, tweaking a header or footer—and Klaviyo will automatically apply your edit to every template. 

Andrew Buckley, co-founder of ATTN Agency, explains:

You’ve mastered the art of creating a dazzling email template. Now, learn how to grow your subscriber list by using the improved signup form template library.

Easily create signup forms

A well-designed signup form is the best way to encourage visitors to your site to subscribe to your email or text list. But some entrepreneurs assume that building a signup form is beyond their technical capabilities, so they skip this step.

But with Klaviyo’s template library, anyone can create a signup form in just minutes. There are more than 50 templates available, all designed with Klaviyo’s best practices in mind. 

For example, Klaviyo’s marketing experts have found that signup forms with a side image have a 32% higher submission rate on average, so most templates will have that feature.

And every template is responsive on mobile devices or desktops, so you’ll have access to a variety of ideas to grow your list and scale your business—at no additional cost.  

Effectively communicate with SMS marketing tools

Two of Klaviyo’s new SMS features—Quiet Hours and help desk integration with Gorgias—help you to confidently communicate your message, without inconveniencing or disturbing your audience.

SMS Quiet Hours 

No one likes getting a text message in the middle of the night. With SMS Quiet Hours, you can designate the time when you’d like to send texts within an SMS automation or flow. Not only will Quiet Hours ensure that you’re in compliance with text message sending regulations, it will enable your subscribers to get a good night’s sleep. 

US government regulations stipulate that you can only send text messages between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone. Some states may have more specific mandates—in Florida, for example, you can only send messages between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

Remove text message roadblocks with Klaviyo’s SMS help desk integration 

The new help desk integration allows you to merge Klaviyo’s SMS Conversations with the native Gorgias platform, enabling you to be able to manage both customer support and SMS marketing.

SMS Conversations is native to Klaviyo and allows you to text back and forth with customers who have questions. With this new integration, your text conversations will sync with Gorgias, automatically creating a ticket so that support agents will be able to respond to you directly from the customer support platform. 

Stand out by making a memorable customer experience

Across the globe, marketers are feeling the pressure from the upcoming holiday season—scrambling to make sure that their campaigns are engaging and that their messaging is flawless.

Your marketing automation platform should ease your worries—not add to them. And with Klaviyo’s latest updates, you will be able to easily create a positive experience for your customers, making them want to return long after Cyber Weekend is over.

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Building emails and texts just got so much easier.

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