Save time and maximize your email performance with the new Litmus-Klaviyo integration

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November 14, 2022
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Many Klaviyo customers lean on Litmus for additional email testing, optimization, and collaboration, and we’re excited to announce the ability to seamlessly integrate our tools is live! If you use Klaviyo and Litmus*, you can now maximize conversion and revenue by efficiently building, testing, and collaborating on large volumes of emails — without needing to jump between tools — allowing you to create highly personalized email campaigns at scale.

*This integration requires a Litmus Plus or Enterprise plan

The challenge

There’s no time to jump between platforms

Creating & optimizing the perfect email experiences can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not using the right tools to test content, copy, email design, and more. And there are more than 300,000 different ways an email can display based on the email client, device, and environment—like Dark Mode—a subscriber is using to view your email — which means testing every email, including those with dynamic content, is more important than ever.  But there aren’t enough hours in the day to manually test every email and collaborate across teams — email developers need to save time wherever they can, without sacrificing email quality. If you’re using both Litmus and Klaviyo, you’re taking the right steps to perfect your emails, but having to switch between tools constantly increases the risks of costly errors and takes time.

The solution

Streamlined testing and collaboration 

Introducing the Litmus-Klaviyo integration built by Litmus — allowing you to maximize efficiency, enhance collaboration, and drive email performance by testing your campaigns with Litmus, without ever leaving Klaviyo. With Litmus, you can preview your emails across 90+ email clients, apps, and devices to ensure an on-brand, error-free subscriber experience. Combining the power of Litmus with Klaviyo lets teams save time by working in one platform, setting campaigns up for success with automated pre-send testing, and getting engagement insights into what content and tactics resonate best with their audience.

Top use cases include: 

  • Instantly preview emails across 100+ email clients and devices as you build in Klaviyo—without the hassle of switching between tools—using Litmus Extension in Google Chrome. 
  • Catch and fix costly errors by checking other crucial pre-send testing elements like link functionality, image blocking, loading speed, email analytics, and more. 
  • Toggle between versions of emails with dynamic, personalized content and test each one with ease, ensuring each subscriber has the best possible experience that feels as though it’s perfectly customized just for them.
Litmus extension and Klaviyo

Getting started

For Litmus customers on Plus & Enterprise plans, this integration is available as a Google Chrome extension — yes, it’s that easy. Head over here to add to Chrome today. For additional information, check out the Litmus help center.

Anthony DelPizzo
Anthony DelPizzo
Senior product marketing manager
Anthony DelPizzo is a senior product marketing manager at Klaviyo, where he helps bring new products to market. He strives to drive customer adoption and engagement through various marketing and enablement tactics. Anthony loves diving deep into data to solve problems and to create better experiences for customers. Outside of marketing, Anthony is a lover of live music, natural wine, and classical film (early 2000s rom-coms).