A new way to build email headers in Klaviyo

Your header is the first thing viewers see when they open your email. It reminds the reader who you are and sets the tone for the rest of the message. Like any good first impression, it should be beautifully crafted and designed to reflect your brand. With that in mind, this week we updated how you build template headers in Klaviyo.

When you open the template builder, you’ll see the new, specially designed header tool. Now, when you craft an email template, you’ll have an array of choices for how to structure your header. Choose the structure that best suits your brand and build from there. You can even use different logos and layouts for mobile and desktop if you want. This is useful for creating tailored mobile experiences for your customers.

klaviyo header block

You can also build your header using images as opposed to solely text links.

klaviyo header block

This is a great way to use any font for your navigation bar, especially if you prefer a custom brand font over the normal web-safe palette. Just create the images you want and place them in your template to craft the perfect user experience. Keep in mind that people who don’t download images in their email by default might not see them though – so make sure you continue to set appropriate alt-text and design with that in mind.

We hope this helps expand your creative options and gives you the functionality needed to build emails exactly as you envision them. We’ll continue to release updates that create more room for brands to send more beautiful email, and customize the experience in new ways.

Learn more about how to use the new header block in the Help Center.

Brian Whalley
Brian is the Marketing Director at Klaviyo. His marketing career began ten years ago in email marketing. Before joining Klaviyo, he served in marketing leadership roles at several other Boston-area marketing and sales technology companies, including HubSpot, Kinvey, and InsightSquared.
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