Premium Personalization: How Case·Mate Captures Customer Loyalty with Smart Segmentation

The mobile device has become a highly-visible fashion accessory, and gone are the days of hiding it in a purse or pocket. With the recent launch of the iPhone 11, picking out the perfect phone case is now just as important as picking out the new mobile device. In fact, I recently went shopping for a new phone and spent more time trying to decide on the color, design, texture, and material of my phone case.

Case·Mate, an Atlanta, GA-based global leader of stylish phone cases and mobile accessories, understood this fashion evolution and needed a better way to communicate with their various customer segments over time.

Growing its revenue 35% last year alone, Case·Mate serves its customers through an online store and through various telecommunication retailers, including AT&T and Verizon.

This quickly growing brand wanted to make smarter, timely, and more personalized marketing decisions, so its ecommerce team needed to find a way to more effectively communicate with its customers directly. Additionally, Case·Mate’s team needed a marketing automation platform that would be easy to set up and communicate with their various segments at scale. 

Keith Neely, Vice President of Ecommerce, IT, and Customer Service at Case·Mate, shared why the brand sought a new marketing automation platform, why it selected Klaviyo, and how Klaviyo has helped Case·Mate solve these particular challenges.



In my conversation with Keith, he shared a few things about Klaviyo that stood out to him in particular: how easy the integration process was, how robust the product features are, and the impact it’s had on Case·Mate’s email marketing strategy.


Why Case·Mate chose Klaviyo for its Magento 2 integration needs

Case·Mate runs its ecommerce store on the Magento 2 platform and wanted a marketing automation platform that would integrate quickly and easily.

The seamless fit and quick integration was a result of Magento and Klaviyo’s strong partnership.

"What stood out in particular was that Klaviyo had a native integration with Magento 2 that was very solid and fast to set up, Klaviyo also adapted what we’ve put on GitHub. The entire process from start to finish was a couple of weeks. "

- Keith Neely, Vice President, Case·Mate

Why Case·Mate sought a marketing automation platform with robust features

Once Case·Mate’s ecommerce team was up and running on Klaviyo, Keith said they used Klaviyo’s AI-powered data science features to build relationships with customers.

"I love the flexibility that I know Klaviyo is capable of having and the new features like (LTV) Lifetime Value. I’m encouraged by some of the CRM features. These will help us build toward the future as we grow."

- Keith Neely, Vice President, Case·Mate

One way Case·Mate builds strong relationships with its customers is by being mindful of their interests, and by only sending them messages that are personalized and relevant for their needs.

“The more we segment, the more success we see in general. Personalized elements make our communication more credible. Another example of segmentation – we can update custom properties to collect information like, are you interested in an iPhone, Samsung, or other personal device…and then provide them content related to that, “ says Keith. 

The brand also selectively syncs its contacts lists with Facebook and retargets them to boost re-engagement.

How Case·Mate views the impact of its email marketing strategies

After a quick integration, Keith says Case·Mate was immediately impressed with how Klaviyo helped the brand drive its email marketing performance.

By collecting various data points about its customers through website pop-up forms, onsite browsing activity, and purchase history through Klaviyo, Case·Mate’s ecommerce team has been able to use segmentation and personalization strategies to develop a variety of creative email campaigns and triggers that engage their customers on a deeper level.

"Since we started with Klaviyo, our email open rates have increased 50 percent, our revenue per recipient has increased 22 percent, our total revenue as a company is up 35 percent year over year, and our email has 50 percent revenue growth year over year. Furthermore, with the iPhone launch last week - email was the primary driver and also doubled what it did last year and helped us offset other channels in decline such as organic. "

- Keith Neely, Vice President, Case·Mate

As a quickly growing global brand, Case·Mate sought a new marketing automation platform that would help it more effectively communicate with its customers, provide further value to them, and identify additional customer segments. 

The company plans to use Klaviyo to begin segmenting by gender

Keith says, “We believe there are strong, but silent men who are purchasing our products. We have specific products that are ideal for these men, but it’s just hard for them to easily find on our website.”

While Keith says factors like the quick integration process with Magento 2, robust product features, and the high impact of their marketing strategies are what stand out the most, he adds that Case·Mate primarily chose Klaviyo because of its flexibility and ability to scale with Case·Mate as the brand continues to grow.  


Learn more about how Case·Mate uses Klaviyo to grow its business.

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