Announcing New Report for Fashion and Accessory Ecommerce Retailers

Data-Driven Fashion and Accessory Ecommerce Ebook

At Klaviyo, we’re delighted to join Yotpo in announcing the launch of a brand-new benchmark report for fashion and accessory ecommerce retailers. The co-authored report highlights best practices and data-based findings for increasing lifetime value through customer engagement.

Across the board, fashion and accessory ecommerce retailers face a unique challenge. How do you get visitors to your site to buy items they can’t try on or even touch? It’s even harder when the bar is so high: the items need to fit and look great on the wearer.

Fortunately, customers are creating an extraordinary amount of content about their purchases. They write reviews and share pictures of themselves on social media wearing their new items, sometimes in new ways or creative settings. Thanks to their efforts, there are more opportunities than ever for shoppers to mentally “try on” these items and experience them vicariously.

Yotpo works with ecommerce companies — more than 200,000 at last count — to put this user-generated content to good use. And we’re thrilled to be partnering with them on this report, which brings together a range of touchpoints across the customer experience.

“Collaborating with Klaviyo felt like an obvious choice,” says Ruthie Berber, Marketing Project Manager at Yotpo. “User-generated content and email marketing naturally complement each other throughout the customer lifecycle. And like Klaviyo, the stores we cater to tend to be online-first or digitally-native brands, building their businesses in the modern retail landscape.”

The importance of being data-driven

The data team at Yotpo tackles giant data sets — for example, looking at 1.3 million reviews — and extracts valuable insights for online retailers. These insights can be found throughout the benchmark report.

“Everything we do at Yotpo is data-driven, and that’s why we invest so many resources to improving and collecting data,” Ruthie says. “The large-scale data analysis Yotpo conducts informs everything from the type of products we build to the timing when review request emails are sent.”

So what time should you email your customers with requests to review their purchases? Turns out there’s an answer — and it’s in the report.

(Klaviyo users can use the built-in A/B testing to try that day and time for sending review requests and see what works best for their stores.)

The benefits of a data-driven approach extend beyond optimizing day-to-day tactics, however. They’re also helpful in stepping back and getting the big picture.

“Yotpo found that fashion and accessory shoppers who see user-generated content convert at a 215% higher rate than those that don’t,” Ruthie says. “We always advocate that customer content is king, but in the fashion industry, it translates into truly jaw-dropping results.”

The value of real-life examples

In addition to eye-opening statistics, the report includes real-life examples from Yotpo and Klaviyo customers. Just as user-generated content is most compelling for online shoppers, we had a hunch that sharing authentic examples would be the most inspiring.

In the ebook, you’ll discover a variety of examples, from such retailers as Blenders Eyewear, Cotopaxi, Hugh & Crye, Original Grain, Tradlands, and Wanderers Bracelets.

For instance, as an online retailer, you may be wondering:

  • How can we let our list know about big sales without sending too many emails?
  • How can we use a discount to encourage email signups, but not require customers to leave the site to get the discount from their inbox?
  • How can we inspire our customers to think of a purchase as the first in a series?

The examples generously supplied by each of these retailers address these questions and more.

Being able to see the examples is even better than hearing about them — a trend that hold true for online shopping as well, as Yotpo points out.

“As we move into the age of visual commerce — with shopper videos and real-time social updates — the possibilities for stores to collect, curate and amplify customer content in various forms is endless and essential,” Ruthie says.

Just the beginning

As a retailer, you can invite your customers to share their experiences, highlight and showcase what they create, and then find ways to share it with new shoppers. It’s essential to build out a communication infrastructure across a variety of platforms, including your website, email, and social media to support this kind of engagement.

And once you start thinking in new ways about ways to engage their customers, you open up potential for fresh ideas.

“Fashion shoppers are the most vocal and provide valuable word-of-mouth referrals for brands they appreciate. Especially now, with social referrals coming in from so many channels!” Ruthie says.

“When harnessing the power of those brand fans, fashion and accessory companies can get really creative. One of the most successful user-generated content campaigns worth checking out was Marc Jacobs’ buzzworthy #CastMeMarc marketing campaign.”

We hope that you’ll be inspired by what you see in the report — and find stats, best practices, and new approaches to take your fashion or accessory ecommerce business to the next level.

Fashion Ecommerce EbookGet your free copy of Data-Driven Strategies to Maximize Lifetime Customer Value for Fashion and Accessory Retailers.

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