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email teardown

Introducing the “Email strategy teardown”

Klaviyo is excited to announce the beginning of a new series on the blog, the email strategy teardown.

There are plenty of teardowns out there. Ones that analyze emails, ones that pick apart the onboarding experience, and even teardowns that dive into how stores engage with their users.

But there aren’t many teardowns that show you how a customer (one that knows a thing or two about email marketing) experiences an ecommerce store’s entire email strategy.

So here’s how this is going to work.

I’m going to subscribe to an ecommerce store’s newsletter and take a number of actions (subscribe, purchase a product, and abandon a cart). I’ll then take a look at the emails I receive based on those actions. I’ll look at everything from the content and design of the emails, the strategy behind their emails, what they did well, and what they could improve on.

To kick off this party, I’ll be taking a look at Society6’s email strategy.

Society6 is home to the work of hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe, uploading and selling their original works. They have everything from puppy coffee mugs to Tom Brady tapestries.

It just so happens that I bought one of those Tom Brady tapestries. A tapestry of the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football. Many people may know him as the GOAT (greatest of all time).

If you’re a Falcons fan, I do apologize. It was a hell of a game.

But enough blabbering, let’s take a look at the teardown. I recommend viewing this in full screen for the full experience.

If you didn’t get through the entire teardown, that’s alright, I forgive you. Let’s break down what I saw.

The emails

I started off by analyzing the content and design of the emails that I received. I looked at a total of 5 emails – Welcome email, promotional email, blog email, order confirmation, and abandoned cart email.

Being a store that thrives on creativity, I was not disappointed with Society6’s email design. They had some awesome social links that you can tell came straight from the mind of an artist.

They utilized preheader text and even included some rad gifs in their emails.

But that’s not all.

Almost every email I received was a promotional email that included some sort of discount.

Although a lot of the emails had sweet discounts, most of them contained discounts on products that I had zero interest in.

Segmentation can easily fix this. Splitting  your list into groups based on what someone has looked at or purchased lets you send content that resonates with individual tastes and preferences.

I browsed a lot of tapestries and finally decided to buy a beautiful Tom Brady mural. Society6 could have done a lot with this information. For example, they could’ve included a product recommendation in the order confirmation suggesting that I check out the other Patriots tapestries.

Or they could have sent me some promotional emails with discounts on anything Boston related.

Society6 is  on the right track, but there’s a real opportunity to get a little more targeted with their messaging.

The strategy

What does strategy mean? It’s the types of emails they send, when they send them, and why they sent them.

I took three actions. I signed up for their newsletter, purchased a product, and abandoned a cart. I then looked at how they responded based on these actions.

Here’s what I found.

Society6’s email strategy is sitting on a solid foundation. They have everything they need set up. They have a welcome email, order and shipping confirmation, as well as an abandoned cart email.

These are all great!

All they have to do is build on this foundation. Instead of sending one welcome email, break all that great content you have into a series of 3 emails. Treat this series as a way to onboard a new subscriber.

This can also be said about their abandoned cart email. Typically, we recommend sending out at least 3 abandoned cart emails. Aaron wrote a great post talking about the timing and messaging of an effective abandoned cart series. I recommend checking it out.

Finally, they could use all the data they have to segment. I spoke about this above, but I feel that most of the emails I received didn’t have much to do with the actions I took.

Overall, I really enjoyed the emails I received from Society6. What they’re doing is great and I believe that they’ve got an awesome strategy. What’s even greater is that they have a ton of room to grow their strategy into something spectacular.

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