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Klaviyo’s email strategy teardown is an ongoing series where we take a look at the email strategy behind some of our favorite ecommerce stores. While there are many teardowns around, there aren’t many teardowns that show you how a customer (one that knows a thing or two about email marketing) experiences an ecommerce store’s entire email strategy.

During our first teardown, Phil tore down Society6’s email strategy. Then we looked at ecommerce giant, Fab. This time around we’ll be diving into the email strategy of Sephora.

Why Sephora

One company whose emails repeatedly come up around the office— Sephora, specifically their VIP program they call “Beauty Insider”. We have some super fans of the cosmetics giant at Klaviyo.

So when I set out to plan our next email strategy teardown many of our Kladies (a lady who works at Klaviyo) were pumped to pitch in with their email marketing prowess and insight on their email strategy.

What I did

For this teardown I created an account and signed up for their VIP program. I then abandoned a cart and purchased from their site.

Then I looked at everything. From the content and design of the emails, to the strategy behind Sephora’s emails, what they did well, and what they could improve on.

With all the buzz around Sephora, I wanted to dive into their email strategy and how they could improve.

With that said, let’s dive into the teardown!

If you bypassed the slides, let me fill you in on what I covered.

The emails

I got a healthy amount of emails from Sephora from initial sign up to a week post purchase.

They are collecting great data to market better to their customers, like their birthday and their zip code. Visually the emails are well branded to match the look and feel of Sephora’s site and in store experience. I loved how the header of most emails matched their shopping bags!

Sephora has set up good abandoned cart reminders, as well as some fun VIP perks like a birthday gift for subscribers. They’re using dynamic product recommendations in many of their emails, which was awesome.

Three opportunities for Sephora

  1. Set up a double opt-in

This is a best practice, and easy enough to do. While visitors do check an opt-in box when they sign up on the form, they need to confirm that the person signing up is the the email address owner.

Without a double opt-in it could lead to spam complaints and hurt their deliverability.

  1. Utilize smart sending

The day I ordered from Sephora, I received three different emails!

Using smart sending is a good way to prevent your subscribers and/or customers from receiving too many emails if you have many active flows and campaigns.

  1. Pick a sender and stick with it

I received emails from more than one sender. This is both a confusing experience for subscribers and not a best practice for good deliverability.


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