Design Great Looking Emails in Klaviyo With Ease

Great looking emails is crucial for making your business look professional, but designing great looking emails can not only be difficult but extremely time-consuming. The academy’s latest guide on Email Design Basics helps you design great looking emails in Klaviyo with ease.

First point of the guide? Start off by having a well formed content strategy. Let’s imagine for a moment being in school listening to a lecture on your favorite topic. Say the instructor talks in a monotone, continually loses their place in their notes, goes on a 20 minute unrelated rant about the history of the ceiling fan, and writes seemingly random bits of information on the board. Despite it being your favorite topic in the world, you’d walk away from that class unengaged, uninformed, and not wanting to return. The same goes for your emails. If you have a clear goal, a consistent voice, simplistic design, and one clear call to action, your customers will be more likely to convert and stick around with you for a while. After all, at one point in time, they specifically asked to hear from you when they signed up to your list. The guide goes into depth about what you need to plan for before you send out each email.

Secondly, the guide gives some practical overview tips for creating an email in Klaviyo. What’s the optimal pixel width for an email? What’s the deal with personalization? How many call to actions should an email have? This section of the guide delves into those and other related questions. Next, block-by-block the guide goes through the template editor giving tips and tricks for designing each email you’ll send. Finally, the guide concludes by highlighting some leveling up options for your emails like including a countdown timer and bits of your Instagram feed within your emails.

How do you know if your email is perfectly designed? While Klaviyo gives a built in checklist to make sure that you have the basics of an email, we created a design checklist so that you don’t have to wonder whether or not you’ve put enough design work into your email.

Still have questions on email design? Check out our webinar on Designing for Your Mission where you can learn more and ask live Q&A to our experts at Klaviyo. Between this guide and the webinars you’ll be well on your way to being the next Frida Khalo of email design.

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