Cyber Weekend campaigns that work: 6 proven examples

The holidays will be here before you know it. If you have an online retail presence, you know the drill. In order to make sales this season, you’ve got to craft the perfect marketing message to send to your audience ahead of Cyber Weekend.

Consumers are bracing for the torrent of promotional messages that are about to land in their inboxes. And with hundreds of emails and texts competing for their attention, how do you make sure that your audience interacts with your messages?

It’s going to be a challenge. But marketers often pair two of the most effective tools to overcome adversity: creativity and innovation. You’ve already got the imagination, so here are a few examples (and tips) you can use to make your Cyber Weekend a success.

6 expertly-crafted Cyber Weekend marketing campaigns

Here are some real-life examples of attention-grabbing Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns:

1 | Get creative with how you incentivize your audience

There are other ways to encourage your audience to make a purchase besides extending a standard price markdown.  

Brand example: Senreve’s Black Friday email doesn’t offer their subscribers a monetary discount. Instead, when shoppers purchase a Senreve’ signature belt bag, they receive a complementary chain strap.

a belt bag in senreve's black friday email

This is an effective tactic for two reasons. First, receiving something for free may make their audience feel like they’re getting a better deal. Second, this promotion gives people more ways to use the product they’re thinking about buying.    

It can transform a belt bag into an over-the-shoulder bag or a cross-body bag, turning one product into a multi-functional accessory—which means shoppers get more bang for their buck.   

Tip: Consider offering complementary items that provide additional value to your customers when they make a purchase.

2 | Be upfront about how your discounts will change the price of your products

If you can make it abundantly clear to your subscribers how much they’ll save if they shop your Cyber Weekend sale, it’ll be easier for them to make the decision to give you their business.  

Think about it: When you get an email or text that promotes a 15% or 25% discount, do you automatically know what that translates to in actual savings? Most likely not, because it requires knowing the base price of a product and some on-the-fly mathematics.  

Brand example: Dazzle Dry places their Black Friday discount at the very top of their email, so shoppers won’t miss it. In the body copy, they provide examples of how much the discount will decrease the price of their products.

dazzle dry's black friday email that shows products with discounted prices

This transparency helps remove potential buying roadblocks for Dazzle Dry’s audience. Sometimes people click on an email or text because they’re curious about what the applied discount will be—but if you’re clear about your pricing from the start, the clicks your messages receive could have a higher purchase intent behind them.     

Tip: Make it easy for your subscribers to decide to shop your products by stating the actual discounted price of your promotional items in your email or text.

3 | Provide only the need-to-know information about your sales

Encourage your subscribers to take your desired action by including the specific details of your promotion and a link that directs them to the appropriate page of your site. 

You have a limited amount of time to share the details of your Cyber Weekend sale before people either move on or decide to investigate your message further—and for texts, that decision-making process may only be a matter of seconds.

Brand example: Shoe Sensation cuts right to the chase in their Cyber Monday marketing text message. There’s no unnecessary fluff—it outlines the rules of their sale, provides a promotional code, and includes a direct link for subscribers to start shopping.

shoe sensation offers a black friday sale via text

There’s no question about what their subscribers can expect, making it easier for them to decide whether it’s a sale they’d like to take advantage of. 

Tip: Valuable, clear information is more useful to people than flashy marketing lingo. If you’re short on space, using direct and simple language is your best bet.

4 | Consider the needs of your audience over your business 

A surefire way to strengthen relationships with your audience is by being attuned to the kinds of messages that will strongly resonate with them. 

If the past 2 years have taught brands anything, it’s that being adaptive and responsive to change is essential. Since Cyber Weekend follows Thanksgiving—and especially since things have yet to return to normal—Black Friday and Cyber Monday might not hold the same weight that it used to for some shoppers. 

Brand example: DECIEM, a brand focused on wellness and skincare products, has scratched Black Friday entirely. Their month-long event, Slowvemebr, aims to bring moments of calm and relaxation to their audience by encouraging deliberate, thoughtful purchases.

black friday email from deciem announcing slowvember

deciem black friday email that highlights the importance of slowing down

Cyber Weekend isn’t just a time to drive revenue for your business—it’s a chance to connect on a human level with your customers, in ways that truly matter.

Tip: Respond to the trends in consumer sentiment and brainstorm how you can use your Cyber Weekend messaging to build genuine connections with your audience.

5 | Include shipping date cut-offs in your marketing campaigns

If you have an insight into the production and shipping timelines of your business, be upfront and share them with your customers. It’s frustrating when you place an order far in advance, only to learn that your items won’t arrive in time for the holidays. 

Brand example: Every piece of information included in BrüMate’s Black Friday email could be valuable to someone reading it—their gift guide, their gift set, and their shipping cut-off dates. If a shopper wants their package to arrive by Christmas, they know what options they have available.

brumate's cyber weekend email with a sitewide discountbrumates cyber weekend email that shows shipping cut off dates

While this may seem like a small ask from you, it’ll go a long way towards cultivating a positive experience for your subscribers—especially given the shipping delays expected this holiday season.  

Tip: Provide shipping cut-off dates in your emails or texts so that your subscribers have time to plan and ensure that their orders will arrive on time for the holidays.

6 | Be authentic to the values of your brand

The holiday buying frenzy shouldn’t compromise your brand’s principals. 

If you’ve built your business on maintaining sustainable practices and have dedicated yourself to reducing excessive waste, for example, then mindlessly participating in a massive buying event could appear disingenuous.

But if you don’t participate in holiday sales, you might miss out on a once-a-year opportunity to grow your customer base exponentially. It’s possible to maintain your company’s values—and take advantage of the selling season—if you approach your strategy marketing thoughtfully.

Brand example: Package Free is a brand that balances their consumer-conscious business philosophy with their Cyber Weekend promotion. Their Black Friday email explicitly asks shoppers to not buy an item they don’t absolutely need.

package free's cyber weekend email with a 25% off discountPackage free's black friday message

Staying true to your brand’s mission will help build trust in your community—and highlight the compassion behind the corporation.  

Tip: Educate your audience on what’s important to your brand by communicating authentically in your Cyber Weekend messages.

Make your Cyber Weekend messages distinctive 

If there’s ever been a time to flaunt what makes your business—and your products—wonderfully different, it’s Cyber Weekend. Your business is unique, and Cyber Weekend is an opportunity to make a special connection with your customers.

Spend time brainstorming to see how you can take a fresh approach to Cyber Weekend. Prioritize the connections you can make and craft a marketing campaign that will stand above the rest—you’ll make an impression on your audience and ultimately, earn more sales.

Want to see an innovative Cyber Weekend campaign in action? Discover how London Sock Co. increased their order value 180% with their special Black Friday offer.

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