How Beyond Yoga segmented their way through the holiday season with a 274% increase in campaign revenue

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increase in campaign revenue from October to November 2020


increase in email attributed revenue from October to November 2020


online revenue coming from Klaviyo in November 2020

Whether you love running, flowing through a Vinyasa class, or binge watching your favorite TV show, Beyond Yoga’s buttery-soft apparel and activewear collections have something for everyone. 

But it’s not just Beyond Yoga’s famous Spacedye fabric that captivates comfort-craved consumers—their digital marketing strategy also makes the brand hard to resist. 

Cyber Weekend is when Beyond Yoga really shines, according to VP of marketing, Ashley Hart. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Beyond Yoga offers a 30% off sitewide discount to shoppers—a rarity that customers welcome since the brand doesn’t typically hold sales throughout the year. 

And if that’s not enough to convince shoppers, Ashley designed a few marketing tactics to increase Cyber Weekend sales—as evidenced by Beyond Yoga’s 105% increase in email attributed revenue from October to November 2020. 

How Beyond Yoga delivered daily drops

Ask any Beyond Yoga addict and they’ll tell you how much they look forward to the brand’s monthly product launches. But for Cyber Weekend 2020, the Beyond Yoga team decided to switch it up—holding off the launch of their November collection until Black Friday, when they promoted drops with a different product every day.

Their fiercely loyal customer base went crazy for these drops, which were the catalyst of a 274% increase in Beyond Yoga’s campaign revenue from October to November 2020.

But this clever tactic wasn’t the only reason Beyond Yoga saw such impressive results. It was the personalization of each communication that was at the core of this incredibly successful Cyber Weekend strategy.

We look at the lifetime value of our customers, and we notice when people buy and make repeat purchases. If they’ve bought from Beyond Yoga before, they’re going to come back during this time because they know our products, they know the quality, they want to buy it for their friends, or they want to give it as a gift. They come back at a high frequency, so making sure they’re getting those personalized messages right is really important to us.

Ashley Hart, VP of marketing, Beyond Yoga

How does Ashley speak to thousands of Beyond Yoga customers on a one-to-one basis? Her secret is segmentation.

Ashley wanted to talk directly to customers who shopped Beyond Yoga’s maternity collection and used language that resonated with them. For those customers who bought from the lounge or activewear collections, Ashley tailored the campaign’s messaging specifically to those interests.

We get very granular with our data. Knowing customer purchase behavior and catering to what they are looking for is key to our success. For people that visit our maternity section, we design creative and specific language catering to her needs. We also have a much more aggressive retargeting strategy. For our customers who love our buttery soft Spacedye active collection, we look at buying patterns and cross-promote based on what interests them.

Ashley Hart, VP of marketing, Beyond Yoga

Ashley also added that segmentation allows her to introduce new products and collections to Beyond Yoga’s customer base as well.

Our data feeds are a great way to introduce new arrivals offering a wide selection to choose from. We talked to our customer from a segmentation standpoint, but also gave them enough products to come and explore more of Beyond Yoga.

Ashley Hart, VP of marketing, Beyond Yoga

Ashley emphasized that Klaviyo was instrumental in allowing her to execute her Cyber Weekend vision and contributed to 25% of Beyond Yoga’s total online revenue in November 2020. 

Foresight is 20/20

The ability to measure performance is key to Ashley and her team at Beyond Yoga, who always try to think a few steps ahead of every holiday and campaign.

Klaviyo was instrumental to our Cyber Weekend success because we really needed the ability to easily look at our customer segments and plan everything ahead—from the time of day we send emails, to how frequently we send them, and who we’re sending them to. Then for each email, we could instantly see the results as they were coming through and do a full report on how the emails performed to inform forward planning.

Ashley Hart, VP of marketing, Beyond Yoga

Ashley added that Klaviyo also allows her to think critically about customer retention.

Once someone purchased from us during Black Friday, we can track their behavior to better understand what kind of customer they are. Are they somebody that’s just looking for a sale? Would they be willing to pay full price? All of these things come into play when it comes to how we communicate with them down the line.

Ashley Hart, VP of marketing, Beyond Yoga

These new customers enter a welcome series that further educates them on Beyond Yoga’s brand, as well as their best-selling products and fabrics—but Ashley also has a winback in place in case those shoppers drop off.

People love the brand and how comfortable it is. Most shoppers come back and purchase within a 90 day window, so we know pretty quickly if they’re going to stay for the long run.

Ashley Hart, VP of marketing, Beyond Yoga

Shaking up Beyond Yoga’s Black Friday strategy for 2021

This year, Ashley is switching things up and launching the new Beyond Yoga collection onsite prior to Cyber Weekend. Instead of daily drops starting on Black Friday, they’re going to launch everything in the first half of the month.

We want to get as much new product as possible in front of people the first 2-3 weeks before Black Friday, so they say, ‘I have to have that.’ Then, when Black Friday hits, they’ll be ready to purchase. Instead of the daily drops, we’ll lean even more heavily into segmentation and doing things specific to the customer type. That way we can send a higher frequency of targeted messages towards each segment.

Ashley Hart, VP of marketing, Beyond Yoga

Ashley knows that Cyber Weekend and segmentation go together like Beyond Yoga’s ultra-soft leggings and tanks, which means this strategy is sure to win over shoppers well through the holiday season and into 2022.

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