How Chubbies Keeps the Momentum Going Year-Round [Watch]

This is part of a twelve-episode series, Beyond Black Friday, where we take a look at the marketing strategy behind three ecommerce brands who are doing things differently and are successful in keeping the momentum going through the holidays, some in non-conventional ways. 

With the success of their annual Thighber Monday sale behind them, I wanted to know just how the team at Chubbies, makers of shorts for men, kept sales going throughout the year.

For video highlights, check out the edited transcript below.

Using and Recycling Content to Keep the Conversation Going

We’re very lucky to sit on this huge repository of creative stuff that we’ve worked on in the past. So for example, this week we’re going to send out something that’s like Chubbies-based Halloween costume ideas, and I may or may not use it, but looking back through Facebook there’s a video that we already made two years ago, and that content is still fresh and new to the audience that’s paying attention today.

Having things like the podcast has been great, because we can feature that in the email and get people more engaged with our community when they see that we have something like that, where we also give out different coupon codes and competitions and things like that. It’s nice to have email sit within a larger kind of community and content strategy.

Speaking to a Global Audience

We’re getting through the exercise of doing a lot of advertising in Australia. It’s hard not to just say Crikey constantly and hope that that will land. And I think that’s probably not the right thing to do based on how some of those homepages have performed for people coming from Australia.

We luckily also have a whole group of brand ambassadors and male models. Where we have people from different walks of life that no one on our team does represent, so we have a bunch of military guys. And when we do something for Veterans Day, I will always hit them up first. And say, “Does this speak to you in a positive way? Is there anything we’re missing here? Is there something else we should be doing? What would be impactful for you?” And that’s super cool because those guys are brutally honest with us and say this is cool or not cool and here’s what I recommend. We’ve changed entire campaigns based on what other people think because we trust that someone who lives that life, and is a fan of Chubbies, would know what’s going to speak to our customers the best.

How to Level Up Right Now

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