4 Ways to Drive New Customer Acquisition

If you’re in ecommerce, you’re always trying to acquire new customers. As on-site marketing platform that pairs well with an email platform like Klaviyo, we’ve discovered a few ways to help! Below are four effective ways that drive new customer acquisition.

1. Refer-a-Friend

Today, we rely on nearby searches and reviews to pick a restaurant, hair salon, or mechanic. If we aren’t asking our phones, we’re asking friends if they “know a place where…” Brands and businesses are a success once they start acquiring new customers through word of mouth. Have you ever tried a butcher shop or a restaurant because someone was talking about it at work?

Chances are, you’ve gone somewhere or purchased something because you trusted a friend’s recommendation. To incorporate this strategy into the world of ecommerce, you’ll need a refer-a-friend program.

Encourage your loyal customers to refer their friends and family by launching a custom refer-a-friend campaign. By using AddShoppers referral marketing software, you will drive more customers via word of mouth in no time. The program is entirely customizable, flexible, and easy to launch with a one code integration!


2. On-site Cart Abandonment Targeting

One proven way to help convert new customers that are visiting your store is to tackle abandonment. The best way to do this is with a behavioral targeting app, and with AddShoppers deploying an abandon strategy is quite simple. Let’s take a look at what one Klaviyo customer, Vintage Marquee Lights, did.

Like all ecommerce sites,  Vintage Marquee Lights knew that visitors were abandoning, but they didn’t know why. Without having data-backed insight into the reasons that potential customers were leaving, they were at a loss to fix the problem of converting them. So here’s what we did: AddShoppers created a survey, with targeted one-click answers to gather essential insights from visitors who were abandoning the site. Then, using the Behavioral Targeting App, the survey was triggered to appear to visitors as they tried to abandon the site.



As a result, Vintage Marquee Lights is now able to see exactly why visitors are abandoning their site. The majority of people were leaving because they thought the products were too expensive. With that insight, if the “Too Expensive” option was selected, the screen after shows a coupon code to target the visitors that need a discount to finish their purchase.


3. Social Contests

While implementing a refer-a-friend program seems like the most obvious to get customers referring your brand, another way to gain new ones is through social contests. Some of the benefits for doing contests are, it’s an excellent way to engage with customers, adds a social component to get more traffic and entries, and it increases email subscribers. Let’s look at how Silver Jeans used the AddShoppers platform to execute a contest that increased sharing by 4,650% and captured 225% more email subscribers!

Silver Jeans came up with a fun idea called “Win Your Wishlist” where the winner would be awarded every product on their wishlist, up to $1,000 in total value. Here’s the twist: to populate their wishlist, customers simply had to share every product that they wanted.

There were three simple steps to the contest. The first thing that participants had to do was register to enter the giveaway by using our Social Login feature or enter their name and email address.


After participants had registered, they were prompted to share out every Silver Jeans product they wanted to populate their wishlist. We implemented a Trending Wall into the contest page to make it easier for participants to share products to potential customers.

Upon sharing the products, they were entered to win, and one lucky winner did! However, the real winner was Silver jeans because, during the time the contest ran, Silver Jeans saw the following results compared to their previous averages:


4. Smarter Welcome Modals (Behavioral Targeting)

Smarter welcome modals drive higher conversion rates, which means capturing more emails and consequently more customers. While it’s true that everyone is doing a welcome modal, there are strategies you can use to make them more efficient through personalization. A few ways to personalize these would be through the referring traffic source, geographic location, or the page they land on.

Consider the approach that Rosenberry Rooms took. They knew they were receiving a significant amount of traffic from Pinterest. However, there visitors weren’t converting. To help engage this traffic they launched an entry modal for every visitor that came from Pinterest, and offered them a 10% discount on their first purchase!


Any of these strategies paired with an email platform like Klaviyo makes for a deadly and effective marketing combination. If you’re looking to learn more about what we’ve done with other customers, give us a shout by clicking here. We’d love to hear about your strategy and how we can help you AddShoppers.

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