Collect and keep more subscribers with Klaviyo’s all-new consent pages

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New consent pages make managing subscriber preferences easy.

Your brilliant messaging strategy is nothing without your subscribers to send to. But managing deliverability for email and compliance for SMS, opt-ins and opt-outs can be a lift: It requires the use of a whole range of consent pages, including subscribe pages, opt-in emails and confirmation pages, preference pages, unsubscribe pages… And that’s a lot to keep track of. 

We are always working to make it simpler and more seamless for your team to manage subscribers with confidence, and this month, we’re announcing a complete overhaul of our consent pages, making them easier to build, customize and control, while also making them easier for your customers to use — among other improvements.

Every brand that uses email marketing needs consent pages. And we heard your feedback: Klaviyo’s offering, along with other omni-channel and email providers, was complicated. 

Klaviyo’s consent pages in the past have been buried under other features, and when it’s not easy to find or manage something, it is more likely to fall off the priority list. We heard from Klaviyo customers that you wanted more customization, more opportunities for branding, more subscriber information without custom coding, and a more centralized, streamlined process all around. 

We also heard from customers that they were craving the ability to offer SMS opt-ins on subscribe pages. Our previous set-up for consent pages led to a more siloed view of marketing channels, and it didn’t take full advantage of having email and SMS under the same roof with Klaviyo. 

Fortunately, all these pains and more are now a thing of the past with Klaviyo’s overhauled consent pages. Klaviyo has made dozens of improvements to our consent page tools to improve both your and your subscriber’s experience. 

For starters, Klaviyo’s new and improved consent pages  are easier to find. And after navigating to this section, now, it’s simple to set up default consent pages for all of your emails — both list-based (campaigns) and behavior-triggered (flows)  — meaning that you don’t have to build new consent pages for every new list you create. 

Need flexibility? We’ve got you: The new set-up allows you to maintain individual lists with unique consent pages whenever you need. For example, if you need to create a list just for giveaways, with its own distinct set of consent pages, you can easily do that. 

Before building or editing any consent pages, know that Klaviyo has built compliance into new page designs and default page behaviors. This allows you to build pages that are ADA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant, while allowing for the customization you need to make consent pages feel like a cohesive part of your brand. 

When building consent pages, Klaviyo has moved from extremely limited templates to a drag-and-drop builder which automatically optimizes for desktop and mobile by default — similar to the email editor. This new flexibility allows you to better brand your consent pages, as well as collect additional customer information at these key interaction points, that was not possible before. For example, when opting in through a subscribe page, you can now collect a customer’s product preference or gender along with their email. 

In addition to greater control, you also get more breadth: Manage consent across multiple channels, such as SMS. Now, when a customer hits your preference or unsubscribe page, you can surface the opportunity to subscribe to your marketing texts by sending them to your subscribe page for your SMS list — a channel where fewer messages will be sent. This helps you keep shoppers reachable, even if they opt out of email. 

Lastly, we’ve added the ability to localize consent pages for non-English languages. As your business grows, you can choose what language you  display to customers in a specific geography. 

These improvements make it easier for you to create the experience you want your subscribers to have. 

If you’re already a Klaviyo customer, great news: Your existing consent pages have already been converted. Start exploring the benefits of the new experience today. Dive into your consent pages to see if there are any optimizations you want to add, like capturing SMS opt-ins from email unsubscribes or ensuring your branding is on point. 

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