Klaviyo’s one-click integration with Square Online helps merchants drive more sales through their marketing channels

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We’re excited to announce a new platform integration with Square Online – Square’s ecommerce platform that helps sellers more easily run and grow their businesses.

Square Online works seamlessly with Square Point of Sale (POS), allowing brands with brick-and-mortar locations to unify their product information across in-store and online channels.

With this new integration, Square Online merchants can now easily use Klaviyo as a powerful marketing solution that will scale with them and deliver the level of personalization that their customers expect—without the added time and resources.

Get a complete view of each customer, online and off

With Klaviyo’s one-click integration, you can quickly sync real-time and historical data from Square Online into Klaviyo, including event-level data, profile properties, and catalog information. And if you’re using Square POS, Klaviyo will also receive purchase data made through in-person locations, when a Square customer record exists.

This data is stored within an individual customer profile, alongside additional insights synced from across your tech stack, providing a granular view of each customer across online and offline channels. You can easily use every piece of customer insight to deliver truly personalized experiences across your marketing channels—email, SMS, forms, and more.

Increase online and offline purchases with robust email and SMS content personalization and time-saving automations

After the Klaviyo-Square integration is set up, all of your customer data is easily accessible and ready to power your marketing. Here are some ways you can use Klaviyo and Square to uplevel your marketing strategy:

Drive more purchases with personalized content and product recommendations 

With Klaviyo’s easy-to-use segment builder, you can segment your audience using any piece of customer data—online vs. in-store purchase behavior, browsing history, loyalty status, predicted customer lifetime value, customer location, and so much more.  

Design emails, texts, and forms that represent your brand’s identity and target each group with relevant content that gets them to shop. And, with Klaviyo’s product recommendation engine, you can include personalized product suggestions based on each customer’s prior browsing or purchasing behavior. 

For example, let’s say you started as a retail business but recently launched your ecommerce site and you want to drive more online purchases. You can quickly create a segment of customers who have only transacted at your brick-and-mortar location and have never visited your website. Reach out to them with an email campaign encouraging them to check out your website with a coupon to take 20% off their first online order.

Klaviyo segment builder showing a segment of offline shoppers who have not visited the website

Save time with behavior-triggered automations

Set up automated flows that trigger when a customer takes a certain action so you can reach each customer with timely messages while you focus your time elsewhere. With Klaviyo’s Square Online integration, you’ll have access to a robust set of popular ecommerce automations that we’ve pre-built to make your life even easier. These pre-built automations, which include site abandonment, abandoned checkout, post-purchase confirmations, and many more, are designed to improve customer satisfaction and drive repeat purchases. It’s easy to customize the pre-built flows or create your own flow based on the needs of your business.

For example, let’s say you sell through online and in-store channels using Square Online and Square POS. Using one of Klaviyo’s pre-built templates, you can build a post-purchase flow that has separate paths for customers who placed an order online vs. in-store. For in-store shoppers, your post-purchase thank-you email asks them to rate their visit to your store. For online purchasers, your post-purchase email suggests complementary items to browse on your website.

Klaviyo flow builder with a post-purchase flow for online vs. offline shoppers

Improve social and paid ad conversions using Klaviyo segment data

Advertising channels play an important role in growing your business and reaching new customers. But with increased privacy restrictions and more competition, you need to be smart with how you spend your ad dollars. With Klaviyo’s pre-built advertising integrations, you can automatically sync your Klaviyo segment data into Google and Facebook Ads, creating precise advertising audiences. Use this audience data to retarget your customers with relevant messaging that corresponds with your email and SMS channels or to reach new audiences that resemble your best shoppers.

Benchmark performance and focus on what works

As your business continues to grow, it’s important to focus your limited time on the tactics that are actually driving sales. With Klaviyo, there is no more guessing how your marketing channels are performing. With pre-built reports and customizable dashboards, you’ll have clear insight into the revenue coming from each channel and each tactic. You can also compare key performance metrics, like open rate, placed order rate, and more, to similar companies so you can quickly spot every opportunity for growth.

These are just a few ways that you can use Klaviyo’s Square integration to drive more revenue from your marketing strategy.

Get started today. You’re one click away.

As your business continues to grow, your customers still expect consistent, personalized experiences across all channels. Klaviyo gives you the data-driven marketing tools you need to delight each customer so they keep coming back.

Getting started with Klaviyo and Square couldn’t be easier. Check out our step-by-step instructions to connect your Square Online store to Klaviyo and start maximizing sales from your marketing channels.