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In today’s digital world, businesses have access to more customer data than ever before. From demographic data to historical purchase history, the possibilities are endless. But with all this information at your fingertips, you must use it wisely to create an intentional marketing strategy that resonates with your customers.

That’s where segmentation comes in – this plays a crucial role in driving personalized marketing and exceptional customer experiences. In fact, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize them, remember them, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. Segmentation is also the key to sending less and saving more on your tech stack – all while making more money from your audience.

Klaviyo is making data-driven segmentation easier than ever. With our new segments AI feature, simply describe the customers you want to reach and AI will create a segment for you. In seconds, you’ll have a targeted segment for your next product launch or cross-sell campaign. This saves you time and takes the guesswork out of segmenting your audience. All paying Klaviyo customers now have access to segments AI.

How to create a segment with AI

Log into Klaviyo and head to the Lists & segments tab. When you create a new segment, you’ll now see a Define with AI button. From here, you’ll be taken to our AI segment builder.

Add a name for your segment and type out a sentence or phrase that describes the people you’d like to target. Not sure where to start? Try these examples:

  • People who have opened an email or clicked an SMS
  • People who have subscribed to a list
  • Engaged profiles in last 30 days
  • Unengaged profiles in last 90 days
  • Someone who has viewed a product and not made a purchase in last 60 days

We’ll show you a preview of the segment so you can see how everything looks before proceeding. Then, our AI will create a segment for you in seconds. 

You have the flexibility to modify the segment we’ve created for you at any time on the next screen. You can also search for any segment you’ve created with AI with our new klavio-ai tag.

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With high competition in today’s marketing landscape, the traditional batch-and-blast approach won’t cut it. Klaviyo is making it easy to deliver intentional, personalized marketing that improves conversions, brand image, and message deliverability. Below, check out more resources for building targeted audience segments in Klaviyo.