Create and update segments faster with our completely revamped segmentation engine

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In this product release: 

To best meet the needs of scaling brands, we’ve made significant upgrades to our state-of-the-art segmentation engine, allowing for faster segment creation across all users. With the new system, segments are also updating at 87% faster speeds, meaning you can be confident in your audiences and ensure your flows are effectively triggered in real-time. This update is particularly important for our largest customers and brands who run complex queries.

The challenge 

Longer processing times for complex and/or large segments 

Segments allow customers to build dynamic audiences for campaign sending, flow triggering, integration syncs, and exports. Once created, they are kept up-to-date in real-time for as long as they are active. For many brands using Klaviyo, building a segment at hyperspeeds has been a breeze – taking just a few seconds on average. However, for brands that had >1M profiles in their account, or had several complex criteria within each segment, waiting for a segment to process could be very time consuming. 

As our customers continue to grow in size and execute more advanced marketing and analysis, we want to ensure we are scaling with them. 

The solution 

A new centralized data store using best-in-class technology 

Instead of having to query data from multiple systems in order to complete a segment, we’ve moved to a centralized data store that has a copy of all of your customer information on hand — making it a lot faster for us to retrieve your data. For those of you who are more tech-savvy, we’ve moved to using the OLAP database Clickhouse  for our segmentation data store. Given the massive amounts of data that Klaviyo regularly processes, this was no small feat! To learn more about how our engineering team created this centralized, efficient system, read about it in our engineering blog.

Getting started 

The best part? You don’t have to do anything to reap the benefits — the new segmentation engine is now officially powering all Klaviyo segments. 

Want to level up your segmentation efforts? We have helpful tips for you. Log into the Klaviyo Academy and check out our courses on segmentation strategies today.