Optimize Your Conversion Funnel with Multi-Step Form Analytics

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Klaviyo multi-step sign-up forms now have analytics for each step

In this product release 

We are excited to introduce a new update to Klaviyo’s Sign-up forms: Multi-Step Form Analytics. This feature equips businesses with a comprehensive view of their multi-step signup forms, allowing them to understand, track, and optimize the performance of each step.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into how Klaviyo’s Multi-Step Form Analytics can help you optimize your conversion funnel, enhance user experiences, and boost revenue. Read on to discover how you can leverage the data from this feature to grow an engaged and loyal audience.

The challenge

Flying blind

Many businesses use multi-step forms to collect various information from subscribers, such as emails, phone numbers, and more. However, they often lack the ability to track how well each step in these forms is performing, leaving them in the dark about where potential customers drop off. This not only impacts their bottom line by hindering conversion rate optimization and revenue generation but also results in a less-than-ideal customer experience.

Without insights into where users are abandoning the sign-up process, businesses may inadvertently subject potential subscribers to a frustrating journey. Visitors may encounter confusion or friction in navigating the multi-step form, resulting in dissatisfaction and an increased likelihood of leaving the website without completing their subscription. This disconnect between businesses and their audience not only impacts conversion rates but also erodes brand loyalty and potential long-term customer relationships. To address these challenges effectively, businesses need a solution that offers comprehensive analytics for each step of the multi-step form to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates.

The solution

Klaviyo’s Multi-Step Form Analytics

Now with Klaviyo’s improvement to form analytics, businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of their multi-step signup forms’ performance. By providing insights into completion rates at each stage of the form, Klaviyo empowers businesses to optimize their conversion funnels effectively. This means that businesses can now pinpoint exactly where visitors might be dropping off, thereby allowing for precise adjustments that enhance the user experience and boost overall conversion rates.

Armed with more data on where users leave the form, businesses can also tailor their marketing campaigns to re-engage specific user segments. This personalized approach not only increases revenue potential but can lead to a more efficient and targeted use of resources. In essence, Klaviyo’s Multi-Step Form Analytics serves as the bridge that connects businesses with their on-site visitors, transforming user experiences, optimizing conversion funnels, and ultimately resulting in increased revenue and more fruitful long-term customer relationships.

Getting started

To start, you’ll of course need to launch a multi-step form if you don’t have one already. To begin, head to the Sign-up forms tab. You can either create a form from scratch or use a template from the form library. Any form type (i.e., popup, flyout, full-page, or embed) can have multiple steps. Then, include up to 4 steps to the form by asking for email address, phone number, or unique preferences that can be stored as profile properties. Once you’ve added your steps and designed your form, you can set it Live. You can review our help article How to create a multi-step form for more information. 

Once your form is live on your website we’ll start collecting and displaying data in the form Overview tab. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page you’ll find cards for multi-step form analytics which include the following metrics: 

  • Total Viewed Form – Displays the number of people who viewed the first step of the form.
  • Total Submitted Form – Displays the number of people who submitted the primary conversion action of the form:
    • For forms with email or SMS subscription actions, submitting an email or phone number counts as a submit.
    • For forms containing both email and SMS fields across multiple steps, submitting whichever appears first in the form counts as a submit.
  • Form Submit Rate – The number of Submitted Form events divided by the number of Viewed Form events.

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Add a multi-step form or check out the brand new multi-step form analytics in your account today. We’re excited for you to start using this data to improve conversions and build a larger more engaged audience. If you’re looking for more detail, you can refer to our help center article Understanding sign-up form analytics to learn more.