Drive more back in stock purchases with MMS messages

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Klaviyo’s Back in Stock flows allow brands to automatically notify customers when an item they expressed interest in is available for purchase again. With Klaviyo, brands can send these notifications to subscribers with either email or SMS. This latest update to the back in stock flow allows brands to use MMS dynamically in their flow messages.  

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and refers to any text message that includes an image or GIF. Dynamic MMS means that the image being displayed will be unique to each recipient and isn’t a static image you set before sending. By including an image of the product brands can help remind and further entice customers to make a purchase while supplies last. 

The challenge

A picture is worth a thousand words

It’s estimated that the average person sees anywhere between 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. At that rate, it’s no wonder that our attention spans have also been reported to be at an all time low of just over 8 seconds! With so much to pay attention to these days, it’s important that when you do get your subscribers to take notice that you make it count.   

Text message marketing has become a powerful tool to do just that. Texts help cut through the noise of ads or the clutter of the email inbox, and engage with your subscribers directly. The back in stock flow is a perfect example for SMS as the message provides immediate value to subscribers and requires them to act fast. Yet without an image of the product, the subscriber may not recognize the product by name and copy alone may fail to pique their interest enough to click through and eventually purchase.

The solution

Dynamic MMS for Back in Stock

Most of the media and ads we engage with include a visual component, so why should your back in stock texts be any different? By adding an image to your texts, you’ll instantly remind the subscriber what product they were considering and build excitement of its return. Adding an image is also helpful as text messages need to be succinct. Oftentimes an image or GIF of a product can tell us more or evoke more emotion than the copy itself. 

To add MMS to your back in stock flow, you’ll need to simply copy and paste a catalog tag into the image field of your text message, and Klaviyo will automatically pull in a product image from your catalog. For a detailed description, review step 9 in our help center article “How to add SMS to your back in stock flow”.

This catalog tag will also be specific to your ecommerce integration, for example, dynamic tags for Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento 2 are listed in our help center article. The tag will also be specific to the product variant level, meaning that it will display the exact color or model the subscriber was considering purchasing and not a generic photo. By taking advantage of this Klaviyo product update, you can easily make your back in stock texts more personalized and visually appealing leading to greater engagement and more conversions!

Getting started

Take your back in stock notifications to the next level and add MMS today!