Use the Klaviyo-Mindbody integration to grow your business

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We’re excited to announce the launch of a new partnership and integration with Mindbody, a provider of online scheduling and business management software for fitness and wellness businesses. 

With significant growth in the wellness industry following the pandemic, businesses are facing increased competition. With more choices available, wellness consumers expect seamless, personalized experiences every time they book a fitness class, hair appointment, spa treatment, or other self-care service. Wellness businesses who can meet consumers’ rising expectations, will succeed at engaging and retaining more clients. However, this is no easy task. Oftentimes, client data is siloed across multiple systems and businesses are using tools that limit the level of customization and personalization they can deliver across their marketing channels.

The Klaviyo-Mindbody integration allows fitness and wellness businesses to deeply understand every client, in a single platform, to deliver personalized experiences at every stage of their journey.

Drive more revenue with Klaviyo and Mindbody

The Klaviyo-Mindbody integration syncs data related to appointments, classes, memberships, and purchases into Klaviyo. This data is easily accessible within Klaviyo to use across email, SMS, and mobile push channels. You can also sync data from your ecommerce platform and POS system into Klaviyo, giving you a complete view of every client across every major touchpoint.

With all your data available within a single platform, let’s look at some of the ways you can use your Mindbody data to delight your clients and drive more revenue:

  1. Confirm booked appointments or classes and communicate important details: Automatically follow up with a client when they book a class or appointment. Include important information in your booking confirmation email, like the date and time of their appointment or class, the name of the provider, and instructions to prepare them for their upcoming visit. By sending booking confirmation emails that are personalized and timely, you’ll help ensure each client shows up for their appointment or class.  
  1. Thank clients for visiting and encourage them to book again:  Trigger a post-attendance flow the day after a client arrives for their appointment or class, with separate paths for new clients vs. returning clients. If they’re a new client, thank them for visiting and provide a promotion code to encourage them to book again. For returning clients, acknowledge that it was great seeing them and encourage them to schedule their next appointment.
  1. Promote memberships to repeat clients: Clients who have visited your business several times are likely good candidates to become members. Reach out to repeat visitors, who are not yet members, and educate them on the benefits of your membership program. Encourage them to join to help boost membership activations and promote loyalty. 
  1. Deliver location-specific content to relevant clients and members: Segment your clients based on their proximity to your locations or locations they’ve visited in the past. Send location-specific messages to each segment to highlight special events or promotions that are only relevant to a specific location. These location-specific promotions will help drive repeat visits and reactivate clients who have not booked in a while.
  1. Cross-sell products based on services booked: Reach out to clients when they book an appointment to recommend products that complement the particular service booked. You may want to do this prior to their visit, like recommending gear for their upcoming fitness class. Or following their visit, like recommending skin care products following their facial. Send an email to cross-sell products based on the service type to help drive more online sales. 
  1. Send booking reminders for repeat services: Some services you offer may occur on a regular cadence, like a hair treatment, botox, or personal training session. When it’s almost time for their next appointment, reach out to clients who don’t have an upcoming appointment on the books, to remind them to schedule their next visit. This will help ensure each client receives their service according to their preferred cadence, before your schedule books up.   

Get started today

With the Klaviyo-Mindbody integration, you can easily deliver personalized experiences at every stage of the client journey.

Review our help center article to get started with the Klaviyo-Mindbody integration. 

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