Simplify your Customer Experience: Lead Capture with Shop for Klaviyo Forms

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In this product release: 

We are excited to introduce Lead Capture with Shop, a powerful new feature for Klaviyo sign-up forms. Now, Shopify users can take their customer opt-in and purchase experience to the next level by leveraging Klaviyo Sign Up Forms in conjunction with the Shop app.

The Shop app is a game-changer in mobile shopping, providing a seamless platform for users to discover brands, manage orders, earn rewards, and track shipments. With Shop Pay’s accelerated checkout, customers can save their email address, credit card details, and shipping/billing information, enabling faster and smoother transactions.

By enabling Lead Capture with Shop in your Klaviyo forms, you unlock a host of benefits for Shop app users who opt-in. They will enjoy the convenience of having their Shop Pay account information and discounts pre-filled at checkout, simplifying the purchase process to just a single tap.

Tap into the Shop network and connect with your ideal customers 

As brands grapple with lower quality leads and increased acquisition costs due to evolving privacy policies and social ad expenses, Shop is able to identify over 100 million valuable Shop users and seamlessly sign them in during their shopping journeys. This network encompasses approximately half of the average Shopify store’s user base, ensuring the acquisition of high-intent subscribers who are ideal for long-term success. Notably, Shop Pay users exhibit an impressive 85% average repeat purchase rate, further enhancing customer loyalty.

Unlock greater conversion rates and list growth

Shoppers today desire quick and easy checkouts, and meeting their expectations is crucial to avoid abandoned carts. By implementing Lead Capture with Shop and Klaviyo forms, Shop users can speed through checkout with Shop Pay 4X faster when compared to a standard checkout page, resulting in a remarkable 91% higher conversion rate.

The Shop Pay forms reduce friction when collecting SMS marketing consent by eliminating the need for Shop users to manually input their phone number. As shown below, once a Shop user is identified using their email address, the form makes it easy to consent to SMS marketing by pre-filling their saved phone number.

Shop app email and SMS opt-in form

How to add Lead Capture with Shop to your Klaviyo forms 

In order to utilize Lead Capture with Shop, Klaviyo customers will need to activate Shop Pay on their Shopify site before adding to your Klaviyo forms. Once you’ve done that, navigate to Sign-up Forms in Klaviyo’s main navigation. In our Form Library, you’ll find Shop Pay templates that have the functionality already set up. All you need to do is customize the look and feel to fit your brand.

If you have existing Klaviyo forms, select Targeting and behavior in the Form Editor. Under Lead Capture with Shop, switch the toggle on. When you turn this on, any of your form’s unfulfilled requirements for using Lead Capture with Shop will populate. For example, this form is missing the coupon block. 

Initially, only forms that offer a coupon and email consent are eligible for this feature. Customers have the flexibility to choose between a single-step form, to collect email addresses only, or a multi-step form that collects both email and SMS consent.

Once you’ve fulfilled the form requirements, you’ll see a green banner informing you that Lead Capture for Shop has been turned on and you can publish your form.

How does Lead Capture with Shop work with Klaviyo forms?

Once your form is live, any site visitors with Shop accounts will be recognized by completing the first step, submitting their email address. If the email address is not recognized as a Shop user, the visitor will go through your sign-up form’s steps as normal. If the email address is recognized as a Shop user, a Shop modal will then appear asking them to authenticate their account in order to automatically apply the discount to their checkout. 

Site visitors can then go back to browsing your store with their unique discount code saved for easy access when making a purchase.

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Add Lead Capture with Shop to your Klaviyo forms today and instantly improve performance. For a step-by-step guide on enabling this new feature, check out our help center article here.