Use search data to get deep with your personalization with the new Klevu-Klaviyo integration 

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When a customer is searching for a product, that means they’re interested in it, right? Why not use that high-intent search data to power your personalization efforts in your marketing communications? Now you can, with the Klevu-Klaviyo integration, which allows you to easily embed Klevu AI search events and product recommendations in Klaviyo email and SMS campaigns, segments, and flows. 

The challenge

Shoppers are often multitasking and distracted when shopping online, which can lead to abandoned search and browsing. They search for a few products, click through your catalog, view similar products, and then they bounce — it’s a tale as old as time. But these are actions of high intent, and not having access to this data means missed opportunities to re-engage these buyers and drive sales — either with the products they were looking for, or with one they might like based on their behaviors. 

The Klaviyo data represents profiles and events that would be expected from an account that is actively using Klaviyo. These events can be challenging to mock. For example, mocking an “unsubscribed from email” event normally would require sending an email to an address you control and then unsubscribing—a process that could impact deliverability on your test account.

The solution

Customers who use Klaviyo and Klevu can now take full advantage of search data (full search terms, subjects, and more)  to power personalization in email and SMS flows and campaigns, and even create hyper-targeted segments to send to advertisers. With this integration activated, Klevu helps Klaviyo merchants identify and personalize content for the most-likely-to-buy shoppers — including what products to recommend — all powered by artificial intelligence.

Some top use cases include: 

  • Extract search data to use in segmentation – use search events to create a segment of high-intent customers to re-engage with
  • Trigger automated abandoned search messages – create a search abandonment flow to reactivate customers automatically
  • Inspire shoppers to spend more on what they like – dynamically personalize emails or SMS messages with Klevu-AI-driven product recommendations

Getting started

You can activate the integration by heading to the Connecters tab in Klevu and selecting Klaviyo. Simple and streamlined. From there, you will start receiving Klevu search events as metrics in your Klaviyo account. Read more here to get started today.