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At Klaviyo, we empower creators to own their destinies. Since our founding in 2012, we have built infrastructure designed to process, store, analyze & act on vast amounts of customer data. Today, we’re focused on giving developers all the flexibility you need to power a new generation of data-driven experiences and applications.

With over 135,000 customers, our team believes that expanding Klaviyo as an API-first platform is the best way to empower developers to tackle brands’ own unique challenges and priorities. To do this, we are working to transform and expand your access to Klaviyo and your ability to integrate it with the rest of your tech stack, while making sure your experience as a Klaviyo developer is easy, intuitive, and enjoyable.

“We’ve just reached 100 customers using our Klaviyo → NetSuite integration. It has been incredible for our company’s growth. With our team’s expert knowledge of NetSuite and eCommerce websites, we’ve built the most robust integration for NetSuite using Klaviyo’s platform. We are looking forward to the next iteration of Klaviyo’s APIs, which will open up new use cases for our customers. It has been a massively fruitful partnership, and we are excited for Klaviyo’s next endeavor as an API-first company.”
Rodrigo Alonso, CEO of Tavano

We’ve talked with many of you about what you want out of Klaviyo, and we’ve made great strides this year to make your experience better: we’ve expanded our API surface area, we’ve launched new developer tools, and we’ve got more advances in the pipeline.

Here’s a look at what we’ve done in just this past quarter.

What’s new?

We’re releasing new endpoints to enable programmatic access to new product areas. We’re also rewriting all of our existing APIs and creating new API-driven functionality, so you can build more powerful experiences with Klaviyo. We’re focused on helping you scale and customize your ecommerce operations by expanding developer access to our product, giving you more functionality, and making data processing in Klaviyo more flexible and more efficient.

Now, you can:

  • Tailor Klaviyo to your needs with an expanded and improved API surface
    • We’ve launched brand new APIs including catalogs, flows, and client-side endpoints. These new features will, for example, make it easy to manage catalogs for brands and to utilize up-to-date data to populate product feeds, campaigns, and flows. These improvements will also make it easier to measure the performance of email flows by simplifying the process of pulling data and programmatically turning flows on and off.
    • In addition to the new endpoints, we’ve revamped old ones, including Events, Lists, Segments, Profiles, Templates, and Metrics APIs adhering to our new JSON:API standard. 
  • Pull more relevant data with less work with these enhanced API features
    • Cut out redundancy with compound documents and resource relationships: Now, brands and partners can easily hydrate responses without having to perform a multitude of redundant queries. We’ve improved API efficiency and reduced the number of requests required by “including” other related resource objects in the response.
    • Run more efficient queries with sparse fieldsets: Request only the data you need to minimize response sizes. We’ve added the ability to specify just the response fields you need, so you can process data faster with reduced latency.
    • Get more control over your results with enhanced filtering and sorting: Query for specific data and control how that data is returned. We’ve built out robust filtering and sorting operations so you can pull the exact data you need to execute a request. For example, sort based on data type like timestamp or alphabetical, or filter based on comparing literals like  VIP-specific profiles via {“VIP”: true}.
  • Save time with new tooling
    • New SDKs: Now, you can start building on Klaviyo in your choice of four languages: Python, Node, Ruby, and PHP. You no longer need to burn time on writing and maintaining boilerplate code. Instead, you can edit Klaviyo templates, campaigns, lists and segments and more with your preferred software development kit.
    • Sample Data Tool: Our new sample data tool allows you to auto-populate fake data into your sandbox account, so you can experiment and build faster.

What’s possible?

With the expanded launch of our new Klaviyo APIs, we’ve seen a wide array of use cases for brands and partners to create innovative new experiences and applications, such as:

  • Have an updated product catalog in Klaviyo to make downstream Klaviyo features more effective: With the new Catalogs API, you can now create, update, or delete catalog data in a brand’s account — so the personalized emails you send through Klaviyo will always have accurate product information.
  • Easily understand your Klaviyo Flows Performance: Using our new Flows API, you are able to easily audit a brand’s flows by getting what flows are running as well as evaluating how the flows are performing (determining what is most successful to use as a benchmark or future example). 
  • Quickly understand profile-specific information for more targeted communications: As a brand, understanding “which lists and segments does an individual belong to?” is critical. Now with the revamped Profiles API, you can get profile List and Segment membership data as well as custom profile properties to send more targeted and meaningful communication.
  • And more!

Want to start building the next Klaviyo experience for our 135K+ customers?

To learn more about Klaviyo’s new APIs and developer tools, visit developers.klaviyo.com, or reach out to the Developer Experience Team at developers@klaviyo.com.

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