Get granular with your targeting with the new Heap-Klaviyo integration

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The Heap and Klaviyo integration is here

Do you ever wish you could talk to the customer who came to your site, signed up for your newsletter, clicked on a few products, and then left? Understanding their behavior, down to the time they spent looking at each product, would allow you to speak to their needs and increase your chances of winning them over, right? With the new Heap-Klaviyo integration, brands can now leverage Heap’s behavioral data in their Klaviyo communications to create and measure even more personalized marketing campaigns. 

Without any engineering resources needed, you can build granular Heap segments and send them right into Klaviyo – allowing you to drive more purchases, subscription conversions, cross-sells, upsells, and more. Here’s how activating this integration can supercharge your marketing efforts. 

Build and sync behavioral segments: Leverage Heap’s complete data set to customize messaging based on a user’s past behaviors 

Heap captures every action by every user across your brand’s digital experience — website, app, marketing channels, and more — allowing you to understand your customer journey down to a T. You can group customers into segments based on their behaviors and attributes, like those VIP customers who came to you from organic search, added three items to cart, completed checkout, and wrote a review. You’ll want to speak to these customers differently than customers who came to your website from a Facebook ad, searched around, and left. 

By using behavioral data to understand your customers and where they convert or drop-off, you’re able to better communicate with them through Klaviyo, allowing you to increase sales and enhance your customer experience, ultimately driving retention. 

Create segments with Klaviyo and Heap data.
Toggle on the Klaviyo integration easily.

Drive higher engagement & deliver more personalized cross-channel messaging through email and SMS 

Once your segments are syncing, you can build hyper-targeted campaigns in Klaviyo, with messaging specific to the audience – like new product announcements to early adopters, promotions to price-sensitive customers, re-engagement offers to customers who dropped off, and more. By leveraging Klaviyo for email and SMS marketing, you also can leverage behavioral data to inform channel preference. If a customer only shops on mobile and clicks every text message you send them, it’s highly likely that they’re going to buy through a text over an email. 

Behavioral data is effective for upsells and cross-sells, too. Let’s walk through an example. 

You’re a brand that sells athletic apparel and footwear. Looking at your customers’ behavioral data, you see that many customers who purchased your new, midnight blue running sneakers also viewed a pair of white running shorts, but never purchased them. By pulling this Heap segment into Klaviyo, you can quickly build a discount campaign using a dynamic product block, targeting these customers with the pair of shorts they already expressed interest in. Your customers receive your message and are quickly reminded of the product they loved, but weren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on. Finally, they purchase the pair of white shorts using the unique discount code you sent them through Klaviyo — win, win. 

Getting started — no development required

Enabling this integration takes just minutes. In Heap, head to the “Developer Hub” within “Integrations,” and enter your Klaviyo API URL and API key. For step-by-step instructions, read the help center article. Check out Heap’s page in our integration catalog to learn more about the integration, too.