Use AI to find the best display time for sign-up forms

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Whether you use a full-screen, pop-up, or embedded form, you’ve likely experienced the power of using a sign-up form on your website to collect shoppers’ contact information and build your email and SMS lists. Nailing your form’s display time is absolutely essential for list growth – you only have a short window to capture people’s attention. But, it can be a challenge to understand exactly what display time works best for sign-up forms. 

We’re excited to announce forms display optimization – a new AI testing tool for faster, more efficient list growth. Forms display optimization is like a GPS for web forms. AI tests multiple versions of your form to find the highest-converting display time. Then, Klaviyo will automatically select the winning version, and set that form live.

Note: This feature is available for Klaviyo accounts with at least 400k profiles.

How to optimize a form’s display time with AI

Head to the Sign-up forms tab in Klaviyo. You’ll either need to create a new form, or open one of your existing ones. Next, select Create A/B test and click Optimization test.

Continue to your test settings. Here, choose the percentage of traffic for each group (we recommend a 50/50 split for your test and control groups). Finally, click Start optimization.

Klaviyo will run a series of AI-generated experiments to determine the most effective display time for conversion. Our optimization test will run through various phases, using AI to test and measure the current form against variations with different display timing. At any point, you can check the results of the experimentation phases.

The optimization process will continue running until AI finds the best display timing. Then, Klaviyo will automatically set the winning form live. With this new tool, Klaviyo puts form optimization on autopilot – so your list growth is even easier.

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We’re excited to release more AI features that guide you to your best performance. Below are some additional resources on how to use Klaviyo to optimize your sign-up forms.