Use the Klaviyo-Criteo integration to deliver more personalized advertising experiences

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April 19th 2023
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Klaviyo has partnered with Criteo, a global commerce media company, to make it easier for ecommerce brands to target highly-qualified buyers with their paid advertisements. 

With data privacy restrictions intensifying, paid advertising becoming more competitive, and advertising cookies falling out of favor, the ability to use first-party data in advertising channels is becoming increasingly important. The Criteo integration syncs Klaviyo segment data directly into Criteo, enabling brands to create precise advertising audiences using their first-party data. 

Many Klaviyo customers already use Klaviyo’s existing integrations with Facebook and Google Advertising to deliver targeted, cross-channel experiences. The new Klaviyo-Criteo integration gives marketers more options and flexibility to easily use their Klaviyo data—within the ad platforms they choose—to advertise more effectively.

Increase conversions and return on ad spend with targeted ad campaigns that align with your email and SMS channels

After the Klaviyo-Criteo integration is set up, you can choose which Klaviyo segments to sync into Criteo. And once connected, your Klaviyo segments will update automatically within Criteo so you can ensure your advertising audiences are always up-to-date. 

With your Klaviyo segment data now accessible within Criteo, let’s take a look at some ways you can use this data to build more effective advertising campaigns:

  1. Retarget select segments with specific, highly-personalized ads

Start by using Klaviyo’s segment builder to create precise segments using any piece of customer data, including on-site activity, purchase history, profile properties, and more. Next, tag the segments you want to sync with “Criteo”. 

Klaviyo segment builder with a Criteo tag selected

Your tagged Klaviyo segments will be available in the Audience Library within your Criteo account. Then, you can easily retarget these customers with personalized advertisements that correspond with the messaging they’ll see across other marketing channels. 

Audience library view within Criteo

Here are some popular segments and use cases to explore in your advertising:

  • Cart abandoners: Target customers who started a checkout in the last 7 days but have yet to place an order with an ad that echoes the message or discount you provide in your abandoned cart flow.
  • Winback: Target customers that haven’t purchased in a while with an ad featuring popular trending items.
  • Drive repeat orders & loyalty: Target customers who have purchased but who have not joined your subscription or loyalty program with ads that highlight the benefits of joining. Or trigger a campaign when you expect your customer to need a replenishment on their purchase. 
  • New customers: Target those that have visited your website but never purchased to encourage first-time conversions.
  • Cross-channel: Target customers who have opted in to your SMS program with a relevant ad that reinforces the message they see via SMS with a similar CTA.

By using Klaviyo segments in your advertising strategy, you can deliver truly personalized advertisements to your customers, leading to higher engagement and repeat purchases.

  1. Exclude select segments from future campaigns to use your ad dollars more effectively

With the Klaviyo-Criteo integration, you can also use your Klaviyo segment data to exclude certain audiences from your advertising campaign so you don’t waste your ad dollars targeting customers who are unlikely to buy. For example, you may want to exclude customers who have recently purchased knowing they likely won’t shop again for a period of time. By excluding low-intent or dissatisfied audiences from select ad campaigns, you’re creating a better experience for your customers and using your paid ad spend more effectively. 

  1. Use existing profile data to create intent-based audiences to attract your next top customers

When looking to attract new customers through your paid advertising, you can use Klaviyo segments to curate highly effective new audiences within Criteo. This allows you to focus your advertising campaigns on prospects who resemble your best customers. For example, Criteo can use your Klaviyo segment of VIP customers to generate audiences that have similar characteristics of your best shoppers. This is a great way to get your brand in front of audiences who are most likely to be interested but haven’t discovered you yet.

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As data privacy changes force marketers to rethink their advertising strategies, it’s important to ensure each advertisement is money well-spent.  

If you’re using Criteo to run your advertising campaigns, the new integration with Klaviyo enables you to use your first-party data to create highly-targeted advertisements that will drive higher conversions and a better return on your ad spend. 

Connecting Criteo and Klaviyo is easy. Learn more about how to set up the Klaviyo-Criteo integration here. If you’re an existing Criteo customer, connect with your Criteo account strategist to help enable the integration and start optimizing your advertising strategy today.