What’s new in Klaviyo: April feature releases

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New features to help you track your subscriber trends, plus new ways to manage all of your accounts.

Top features this month

Klaviyo portfolio: The smartest way to manage all your accounts in one place

Klaviyo portfolio revolutionizes the way you handle multiple accounts, offering a smart, centralized dashboard for managing various brands and regions with ease.

Drive urgency with low inventory flows

Let your customers know when products they’ve looked at are low on inventory and likely to sell out.

Connect your Klaviyo account with OpenTable and Toast

Integrate your OpenTable account or Toast account with Klaviyo to access your connected data to segment customers and use in flows.

Add dynamic coupons in flows

Our WooCommerce integration has been updated to support dynamic coupon creation. Users can now generate dynamic coupons to be used in flows from directly within Klaviyo.

Monitor your subscriber trends over time

Better understand how you are acquiring and losing subscribers over time across marketing channels and which of your specific forms were the most effective in gathering subscribers.