What’s new in Klaviyo: October feature releases

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New features to help you personalize and measure your marketing this BFCM season.

With Black Friday Cyber Monday right around the corner, we have some new features to help you make the best impression with your shoppers during the busiest retail weekend of the year.

Take a look at our top 7 features and more below.

7 top features this month

Build customer journeys, faster and easier, with our new flows experience

We’ve given the flow builder a new modern and intuitive design, making it easier for you to set up impactful customer journeys heading into BFCM. In addition to improvements to our most loved features, the new flow builder includes net new functionality to help you get your job done quicker. New tools include a new flows configuration panel, a new way to navigate through complex flows, and a re-imagined drag-and-drop editor.

Head to the flows tab in your Klaviyo account today to give it a try. Now through the end of the year, you’ll be able to toggle in and out of the new experience and provide feedback ahead of our final release.

Empower your ideas using Code in Klaviyo CDP 

Custom functions are now supported in Klaviyo CDP. With Code, you can send data to other systems without having to set up a public HTTP endpoint, and build custom functionality triggered in response to any event’s occurrence. Code includes in-app recipes with ideas to get started quickly — like changing a placed order metric’s currency, creating a thank-you poem using Chat GPT to use in an email or SMS flow, or editing a webhook payload as it’s forwarded downstream.

Create cross-channel campaigns for your subscribers in Ireland

Launch targeted text campaigns and flows using all your favorite Klaviyo features, such as segments and customer data, directed at your Irish audience. Get started by choosing between a Branded Sender ID or an Irish Long Code based on your brand goals. 

AI makes it easier for shoppers to leave a review

We now provide AI-suggested headlines, so shoppers can submit their review faster. If someone doesn’t like any of the options listed, they can click for more to choose from. Reviewers still have the freedom to write their own headline at any time.

Design connected post-purchase journeys in Klaviyo with Shopify SMS order updates

Enable Shopify SMS Order Updates to begin sending all your post-purchase communications, across both email and SMS, directly within your Klaviyo account. This new functionality helps you keep your customers informed on the status of their orders in their favorite channel. Consumers consistently rank order update texts among their favorites, making it a must-have tool for any Shopify merchant. 

Reach the right visitors with UTM specific form targeting  

Get even more targeted with your signup forms. Our latest update to form segmentation allows you to set forms to only appear to visitors on landing pages with specific UTM parameters added. You can use this new feature to target forms for customers coming to your site from specific off-site touchpoints, such as a promo email campaign or display ad, without needing separate landing pages. 

Create intuitive consent-based segment lists to easily manage your customers subscription preferences 

We’ve updated our channel consent definitions to help you easily create channel–specific segments based on your subscribers preferences. Now you can use definitions like can or cannot receive marketing, filtered by email, SMS, and push notifications, to group customers into channel–specific audiences without any guesswork.

Other notable releases 

Add an additional safety net and prevent multiple forms from appearing to the same visitor

Prevent customers from inadvertently seeing more than one signup form on your website. Using our new global form display settings, you can ensure that your site is not creating a poor experience by displaying multiple forms in rapid succession to the same visitor. Choose to either limit your site to show one form per session or add a time delay between forms within the same session. 

Show up as your brand in the inbox with a Klaviyo-hosted dedicated sending domain

Get more control over your sender reputation with a Klaviyo–hosted dedicated sending domain, now easier to activate in your account. Klaviyo–hosted dedicated sending domains help you improve your branding in your subscribers inboxes by removing the “sent via klaviyomail.com” disclaimer. And with our new upgrades to the dedicated sending domain setup wizard, you can easily request and manage your domain directly from your Klaviyo account.