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midsection of person in front of desk with keyboard, mouse, coffee cup and monitor to denote marketing tech

How to Know When Your Marketing Tech is Holding You Back

…automating: Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports Win-Back Emails Customer Satisfaction Communications (NPS) Abandoned Cart Emails Welcome/Onboarding Emails Post-Purchase Follow Up/Product Review Emails Your Competitors are Making Strides, FastIf you keep hearing a senior…

Enhance Retention & Loyalty Using the New Flow Library

The Flow Library consists of creative, pre-built automations that span the customer lifecycle from beginner to next-level marketing ideas. The Library is specifically designed to give every marketer a toolkit for driving long-term engagement and loyalty. Whether you are looking for new experimental automation ideas, or need a prescriptive email flow to turn on immediately, the Flow Library has the automations your business needs to be successful.

Klaviyo for 3dcart

are just a few of the great features that are now available for 3dcart users. If you’re on 3dcart, be sure to visit the 3dcart app store or signup here…

Mother’s Day Email Campaign Strategies

…3 Ways to Lower CPA Using Email Marketing and Facebook Ads     The surprising data behind abandoned cart email subject lines   .yuzo_related_post img{width:260px !important; height:250px !important;} .yuzo_related_post .relatedthumb{line-height:16px;background:…

Person holding cell phone with option to rate on the phone to denote customer reviews

Why Customer Reviews Matter and How to Get More of Them

…Your Abandoned Cart Emails (Infographic)     Keep Buyers Engaged Post-Purchase     How to Convert Mobile Visitors into Email Subscribers   .yuzo_related_post img{width:260px !important; height:250px !important;} .yuzo_related_post .relatedthumb{line-height:16px;background: !important;color:!important;}…

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