Customer success stories

See how our unified platform and seamless integrations have increased revenue for enterprise-grade brands.

Leonisa sees 45.6x ROI after switching to Klaviyo

“With Klaviyo, the better we perform, the better for both of us. It makes for a better relationship.”
Victor Yacaman, head of ecommerce and digital marketing, Leonisa

100% Pure returns to Klaviyo and blows past goal to drive 20% of revenue with email

"The great thing with the flow is it’s automated. It’s a machine. It’s going to go out no matter what, even if someone gets sick. Flows give you a base guaranteed revenue."
Ric Kostick, co-founder and CEO, 100% Pure

Manly Bands drives 58% of total email revenue with Klaviyo automations

“I really couldn't imagine using a different ESP. I’d have to buy 2-3 additional tools to replace everything Klaviyo offers."
Johnathan Ruggiero, co-founder and co-CEO, Manly Bands


"I am a huge, huge Klaviyo fan. They listen to their customers. If I have an idea, I know our account manager will help me build out a flow."

Bloom Nutrition

"I work with our paid marketing channels, and the stuff we do through Klaviyo is the most powerful and effective retargeting that we do."

Andie Swim

"It’s been awesome that Klaviyo’s been able to grow in tandem with us. Other platforms haven’t."


“Working with Klaviyo, it feels like we are only limited by our imagination and we don't end up blocked by the technology.”

Laird Superfood grows email revenue 102% with Klaviyo personalization tools

"I’ve used almost every ESP you can think of, and I always recommend Klaviyo because of its ease of use, its ability to segment, its ability to automate, and its constant improvement."