Customer success stories

See how our unified platform and seamless integrations have increased revenue for enterprise-grade brands.

Proozy increased revenue by 1000% per SMS recipient after switching to Klaviyo

We were already using Klaviyo for our email flows, so it was really easy to have everything in one spot. You don’t have to connect Klaviyo to another tool or to Shopify—it’s seamless. It just made a ton of sense to switch.
–Alex Case, ecommerce manager at Proozy
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Dagne Dover drove a 12,000% increase in ROI and dramatically expanded their email list with SMS

Klaviyo is more cost-effective and has more important segmentation and analytics integrations than other options we considered. We’re really able to get into the data with Klaviyo. Nothing is a black box.
–Marcia Zimmerman, growth marketing and analytics manager at Dagne Dover
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By combining email and SMS, Shoe Sensation lifted revenue by 116%

Rather than spending hours getting our data integrated so that our marketing team could make more informed decisions, we found that Klaviyo simplified things for us—it’s an easier solution.
–Chris Dillard, digital marketing manager at Shoe Sensation
A child wearing sparkly shoes holds their parent's hand as they walk on the sidewalk. achieved a 145x monthly average ROI creating unique segments and omnichannel flows based on factors like pet breed, age, and size.

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap saw a 730% increase in email revenue attributed to Klaviyo leveraging data from pre-built integrations like Unbounce and Recharge.


Rumpl saw a revenue increase of 19% in 2021-2022 utilizing Klaviyo email, driven by personalization based on customer behavior.