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Outstanding Targeted Marketing

UNTUCKit is a men’s fashion company that specializes in making shirts that are designed to be worn (you guessed it!) untucked. For many men, this solves the problem of finding a shirt that fits just right elsewhere but is too long to be worn untucked. UNTUCKit uses Shopify as their ecommerce platform to sell online, in addition to selling in brick-and-mortar locations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and San Francisco.

“It ought to be easy: to look smart, casual, and feel comfortable with your shirt untucked. But dress shirts are simply not designed to be worn untucked and it shows (think man-dress). We did a ton of research to understand where people wanted the shirt to fall and using this information, we defined the design for the untucked shirt. One fit for comfort and not convention; designed for the untucked man. An untucked shirt. UNTUCKit shirts are dress shirts for the rest of us.”

The secret to serious ROI?

UNTUCKit is a finalist in this category because they’re an all-around Klaviyo rockstar. What makes them so great?

They consider subscribers’ preferences:
UNTUCKit uses Klaviyo’s Send by Time Zone feature to ensure that subscribers receive their newsletters at a time that is convenient for them. This is especially important, since they have a customer base that is dispersed across the country.

They use behavioral cues to segment flows:
For example, they have separate welcome series for new subscribers who have and have not purchased — same goes for their abandoned cart emails.

They foster engagement:
UNTUCKit has achieved phenomenal engagement for their master newsletter list. They segment based on how subscribers interact with their previous emails to ensure that they don’t over-send to anyone. All their emails have over 20% open rates.

untuckit welcome email

Segment flow emails to reach the right audience

Sure, it’s great to have abandoned carts, welcome series, and win-backs set up. But want to level up? Segment these flows based on what you know about your subscribers. If you’re sending an abandoned cart email to a subscriber who’s never purchased before, for example, consider offering them a discount in the second email to incentivize them.

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