Awards Category:
Impressive Email Revenue

For this category, we took a look at the top revenue-producing ecommerce stores using Klaviyo for email. Each of our finalists made more than $400K using email in 2016.

Spotlight: Tuckernuck

Founded in 2012, Tuckernuck is an online boutique that sells both men’s and women’s products. Its namesake is an island off the coast of Nantucket, and as such the clothing they curate embodies this traditional American spirit.

Over half of Tuckernuck’s total revenue comes from email marketing, so it’s no surprise that they’re at the top of the pack when it comes to email revenue. The majority of their email revenue is generated through campaigns, so subscriber engagement has a large role to play in their success — especially since they send almost every day.

Here’s how Tuckernuck maintains engagement:

  • Segment based on gender: If you’re selling men’s and women’s products, this one is a no-brainer. To ensure that you’re being relevant, you can segment based on a collection of products customers have purchased from, or even just viewed. These emails typically see over a 25% open rate!

  • Incentivize people to join your newsletter list: Tuckernuck offers a 10% off incentive to encourage shoppers to sign up. Once they do, they’re prompted to update their email preferences. This lets Tuckernuck segment them by gender and product interests right off the bat.

  • Segment based on location: This is a great way to get people to attend local events. For example, Tuckernuck using segmentation to notify nearby subscribers of events at their flagship store in Washington, DC.

Tip: Treat your subscribers like individuals

Most email marketers will concede that this goes without saying, but many times what they actually practice is a different story. Tuckernuck’s success is proof that it pays off to target the right people with the right message.


In their welcome series, Tuckernuck asks subscribers to update their content preferences so they can send them more relevant emails.

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