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Awesome Integrated Campaign: Facebook & Email

According to founder Eric Bandholz, “Beardbrand is a premium men’s grooming company. What that means is that we put the product ethos and the quality of products as well as customer service at a higher priority than we do price.” Despite their name, Beardbrand also carries a variety of products for men without beards like hair and body products.


Why this integrated campaign rocks:

Since they’re not competing on price, Beardbrand needs to go above and beyond to… well, create a brand. One of the main ways they do this is through content-based marketing: they’ve made it their mission to educate, inform, and help their audience take their grooming to the next level. To that effect, they’ve done things like create a video series on hair grooming tips, ran a sweet giveaway with another cool brand, and recently launched a community group on their website.

Given their commitment to education, it makes sense that their welcome series starts with a five-day “beard mastery boot camp” that gives subscribers all the content they need for a beard “education”- everything from tips to start growing a beard to all you need to know about beard oil.

Over on Facebook, they’ve created and curated additional helpful content around beards, grooming, and men’s fashion. And their target customers take note. A typical Facebook comment reads, “Thanks for the cool video. Which brand is that clipper you used. I haven’t found a good clipper and my beard is a mess. Need some TLC ASAP.”

On top of all that, they’re not afraid to be human! They have used their founder, Eric, as the face of the company and he posts videos regularly.

beardbrand email example

beardbrand facebook example

Integrated campaigns mean more than email!

When you think of integrated campaigns, remember that email is just one part of reaching customers, leveraging other channels like Facebook or Instagram can really give your campaigns a 1-2 punch! Building integrated campaigns that are centered around something bigger than your product or service really are at the heart of those that stand out. Ask yourself, what can I do to improve the lives of my customers and subscribers? By treating the relationship as more than just a sales transaction and more as a multichannel conversation, you have the ability to build your brand and a break into a space few stores and businesses have, beloved.

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