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Kevin Gianni is the CEO and co-founder of Annmarie Skin Care — and husband to Annmarie. After creating hundreds of health videos on YouTube, the couple realized that there were no skincare lines on the market that met their exacting standards. They decided to create their own.

The line has since received raves from health practitioners and wellness authors including Mark Hyman, Louise Hay, and Kris Carr. But from the beginning, Kevin and Annmarie knew that creating beloved products was just half the story: they also needed to create an email marketing plan to engage potential customers.

“From the very get-go when we started Annmarie Skin Care,” Kevin says, “we knew that we wanted to focus on getting leads and taking them through a really smart process of educating them, giving them offers, and making it appealing to engage with our product.”

Looks like their strategy paid off: in 2016, hundreds of thousands of people joined Annmarie Skin Care’s email list.

How did Annmarie Skin Care grow so quickly?

Ultra-customized messaging:
“We were able to set up a lot of really smart email sequences that go out depending on where the customer is in their process of engagement with us,” Kevin says. “So if they haven’t purchased anything, if they’ve purchased one of our sample kits, if they’ve purchased three times, if they’ve purchased five times, we can send out emails based on that level of engagement that matches where we think they might be in the process with us and with our products.”

Tackling planning head-on:
For Kevin and his team, the first step to mapping out their detailed customer email flows was to break out the Sharpie markers and unroll a giant roll of kraft paper. “It was probably 15 feet long,” Kevin recalls. “And we drew it all out completely.” But they’re not stopping with a paper map of the customer journey. “Our next step is actually to paint a whole wall here in the office with whiteboard paint,” Kevin says, “and then draw it out so the whole team can see it.”

Thinking beyond the discount:
In the past year and a half, Annmarie Skin Care has increased search engine traffic by over 4X, from 4,000 organic visits a day to 17,000. Most of those visitors are there to learn, not to make a purchase — at least not yet. So instead of a discount, Annmarie Skin Care offers lead magnets — including a skin type quiz and ebooks — to capture email addresses. “For cold, non-branded traffic, I would put our skin quiz or our Toxic Free Home Guide up against a 20% off coupon,” says Kevin. “And I almost guarantee you that for opt-ins, they’ll win every time.”


annmarie skincare email planning

annmarie skincare email personalization

Get to know your customers

The team at Annmarie Skin Care found that the key to creating successful lead magnets, emails, and even social media content was to step back and think about their customers holistically. What were their values? What were they interested in? Where did they want to travel? If you’re looking to build your email list, consider what your customers are passionate about and create targeted content to draw them in.

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