Advanced ecommerce marketing automation made simple

Talking to your customers shouldn’t feel like rocket science—but it can feel like it when you consider all the layers that go into personalised ecommerce marketing. Enter, the Ecommerce Marketing Automation for Dummies.

What to expect in the guide

The ecommerce industry is booming, but with a wealth of businesses clamouring for customers’ attention, how can you differentiate yourself, staying agile and ahead of the competition? Step forward, Ecommerce Marketing For Dummies.

This guide explores how you can gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your marketing processes and uncover valuable customer insights using marketing automation. You’ll also learn how you can:

  • Improve customer experiences with personalisation
  • Increase your marketing team’s productivity
  • Boost revenue and customer loyalty

Skim the chapters below to get an overview of what to expect, or expand a chapter that catches your eye to get more insight into what you’ll learn.

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Some highlights of what you'll learn

of the must-have automations (plus advanced nice-to-haves)
legal considerations when sending automated emails and texts
tips on crafting emails that actually convert
key metrics to analyse performance—and how to improve each

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