Ecommerce Insights Amid COVID-19

How the coronavirus is changing consumer behavior

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With the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis rapidly evolving, brands worldwide are facing a new and challenging reality.

In these uncertain times, our goal is to bring you helpful information and strategies you can use to maintain business growth. Ever since the third week of March, we’ve been leveraging our network of 30,000 businesses and millions of consumers to better understand the coronavirus’s impact on the ecommerce landscape. Through a combination of daily polls and in-depth conversations with our customers and partners, we’ve identified new trends and best practices. Now, we’re sharing it all with you.

Dig into a month’s worth of data behind consumer buying behavior, supply chain impact, sales patterns, ad spend changes, and more. Plus learn how brands are shifting their marketing strategy to address the current conditions.

We’re all in this together—we want you to make the best decision possible for your business. Join us as we share learnings from the larger ecommerce community.


Keep checking back at our COVID-19 insights page for the latest results of our brand and consumer surveys, as well as effective marketing moments.

For more marketing best practices, head on over to our COVID-19 resources page, where you’ll find guides, blog posts, and other content designed to help you grow.