preview of customer-first-marketing deck

The 5 phases of Customer-First Marketing

  • Goal setting: Before you do anything else, you first need to determine what your goals are— ultimately you should know what you want to do with your research before you set out to do it.
  • Inspiration + architecture: Learn directly from the people you’re marketing to (surveys, interviews, quizzes) to deeply understand who they are. The key is to look for patterns within insights.
  • Implementation + data mining: Take your customers’ feedback and use it to bring new experiences to life for your brand. During this phase, you’ll also identify what data you’ll leverage to craft these experiences—or begin to collect it.
  • Measurement + automation: Measure the success of experiences, iterate, then automate with the goal of creating wide-reaching experiences that feel personally tailored to each recipient.
  • Repetition: Begin the entire process over again—and on a regular basis—to continue to improve their marketing effectiveness, retention, and brand loyalty.

You need 3 things to implement a Customer-First Marketing strategy: