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Emails your eCommerce business should be sending.
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Pre-Purchase Engagement

Engage potential future customers to keep your store on their mind with newsletters and special offers.

Classic Marketing best practices say that all purchases begin with awareness, then move to building interest and desire, and ultimately to taking action. Email is an essential way to guide customers to that first purchase.

When you send these emails? By emailing your newsletter list at least once a month, you create an expectation with customers that they'll hear from you regularly while also not sending them so often that they get ignored.

The email content? From beautiful pictures of new products to limited time deals, aim to get customers to make that first purchase, or, failing that, to build a stronger bond with your brand. Be sure to remember that your newsletters have to generate value for your audience — or they'll just unsubscribe.

Abandoned Carts Reminders

Email customers who abandon their shopping carts to encourage them to finish their checkout.

It's estimated that ~50% of baskets for many eCommerce stores are abandoned before a purchase is completed. These customers represent a massive lost opportunity that you can regain. Email is a great way to remind customers to come back but also to break down some of the barriers that kept them from purchasing initially.

When you send it? 2 hours after checkout is aborted. If they still haven't purchased within a few days.

The email content? Strike a balanced tone between customer service and sales by asking them if they need help, but also highlighting items that were left in their cart with pictures.

Post-Purchase Follow-up

Email customers who've purchased with you previously but haven't returned yet.

It costs most companies 5 times as much to acquire a customer as it does to retain a customer. By emailing customers who've bought one time, you start to convert them to loyal repeat purchasers – and drive a major impact on your profit.

When you send it? 1, 6 or 12 months after purchase (or all three). These emails both help keep you on your customers' minds but also to keep them informed of related products or offers based on their purchase history.

The email content? Short, simple and focused on why customers should return. Typically, you want a mix of 2-3 emails sent at different time periods, some that offer free shipping or a discount and others that focus on new products that have been released.

Recognizing VIP Customers

Reward your top customers with targeted offerings and deals specifically for them.

For the typical eCommerce stores, the top 5% of customers make up a massive % of overall sales. Use email to grow their loyalty but also to encourage them to be even stronger advocates for your brand.

When you send these emails? One-off emails or recognition for infrequent special milestones. Whether it's a twice a year special discount or a short personalized thank you when a customer becomes one of your top 1% of customers, these emails should standout and make customers feel special.

The email content? Short, personalized, and more focused on your customer than on you. Whether it's a compelling offer or a unique interesting content, your goal with these emails is to delight your most frequent customers.

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