Reporting tool & dashboard for ecommerce marketing

Use Klaviyo’s reporting tool for data analysis, tracking metrics and benchmarks through dashboards you can share and customize. Visualize data for digital marketing and integrate all your campaigns in one view.

Reporting Tool
Reporting options with pre-built and customizable dashboards that allow you to visualize all your KPIs in one place. Elevate the data with integrations from multiple platforms and schedule reports across key stakeholders.

Multi-channel data visualization

Dashboards that give you a quick snapshot of your multi-channel performance.

All data sources in one report

Integrate data from your tech stack and get one view reporting.

Pre-built report templates

Browse pre-built dashboard reports or build custom ones that help you uncover trends and optimize for maximum ROI.

Schedule reports and share with teams

Set a custom schedule to receive automated reports so that you can share outcomes with stakeholders

Data Analysis

Contextual analytics (without any black holes)

Klaviyo highlights relevant data right alongside whatever you’re working on, so you can see where marketing metrics stand without veering off track.

Get the answers you need without interruption. Simple.

Text and sms marketing metrics in Klaviyo dashboard
Data Visualization Software
Uncover trends and insights to gather data that helps you to make decisions based on your industry benchmarks with clear visualization.

Connect to your data sources

Simple integration, just connect to the digital marketing tools of your choice, like Tableau, Looker or Google Analytics and automate reports in one click.

Workflow campaigns

Check the performance of every campaign, compare with email benchmark conversion rates, and assess the conversion value for each email and SMS in a flow, right from the flow builder.

Campaign trend analytics

Track trends with performance over time, look for patterns or outliers, and jump into an individual email campaign with a click.

Campaign performance by segment

View email metrics at the audience level to make better decisions about how to communicate with each segment.

Data Analysis

Identify marketing gaps with data insights

Get a holistic view of all your marketing data points. Brands can create multi-channel and multi-touch attribution for all their digital marketing campaigns and find answers that drive the highest efficiency and ROI.

Klaviyo’s reports library has dozens of pre-built reports, organized by topic so it’s easy to find answers. You can also build custom reports that get as granular as you’d like.

Report Library
Use pre-built templates for your email and sms marketing campaigns. Customize them to uncover unique insights based on your data sources and workflows.

Reports library

Explore ready-made reports that cover everything from email and SMS performance to revenue growth.

Custom reports

Examine business from every angle: metrics, campaigns, flows, and product performance.

Conversion tracking

See which emails and texts drive sales, with customizable conversion windows to fit your sales cycle.

Benchmarks offer insights for email and SMS

Different industries have unique dynamics, with businesses ranging from start-ups to global corporations. So for too long, the answer to seemingly straightforward questions like “What’s a good click rate?” has been “It depends”. No longer.

Klaviyo is the only ecommerce marketing platform with built-in, personalized benchmarks—specific to your industry, growth rate, and other business characteristics.

See the email data you’re rocking it, what may need your attention, and how to aim even higher.

Quick Insights
Color coded reports, performance alerts, monthly highlights and summaries, the Klaviyo reporting tool and data visualization dashboards offer all that and more.

Relevant to your business, today

Compare performance to brands similar to yours—based on industry, growth rate, and other business characteristics.

Color-coded ratings

Each performance indicator gets a rating, from excellent to poor. Now you know what’s working and what can improve.

Solutions to improve performance

If something’s underperforming, Klaviyo alerts you and links to resources specific to that indicator.