Klaviyo vs MailChimp for
Ecommerce Email Marketing

A not completely unbiased look at how each platform stacks up.

  Mailchimp is great for beginners.
If you're just getting started with email marketing, or your ecommerce business is a side project you'd like to send a newsletter for once in awhile - look no further than MailChimp.
Klaviyo takes your marketing to the next level.
Klaviyo does much more than send email - it lets you use data from different systems to power highly targeted marketing campaigns. And that means more money.

Deep eCommerce platform integration, made easy.

Mailchimp grabs some data, but not all of it.
Klaviyo goes deep to capture all of your data, so you can be a better marketer.

Automated data syncs for always-up-to-date segmentation.

eCommerce data syncs to Mailchimp, but anything else requires manual uploads. Boo!
Klaviyo automatically syncs all of your data. Every time.

Targeting options that go above and beyond.

Mailchimp's limited data syncs mean that your targeting options are restricted.
Klaviyo puts all the data you need at your fingertips, including website tracking to let you do things like browse abandonment. Woot!

Automated Facebook Custom Audiences integration.

With Mailchimp, you have to re-load a static list every time you need to update a Facebook Custom Audience. Sigh.
Automatically sync Klaviyo segments with Facebook targeting in a few clicks. Rock on.

Support when you need it.

Mailchimp only offers email support, and free accounts are on their own. Happy reading!
We got you. Klaviyo assigns a dedicated account manager for larger customers, and offers email support to everyone.

Smart segmentation for better results.

Mailchimp lets you segment your email marketing -- to a point. You can launch an automated flow to people who have never bought - but if you want to segment based on people who haven't bought in the last 90 days, you're out of luck.
Klaviyo lets you set super targeted in your segmentation. Whether it's a campaign or a flow, you can tailor your audience based on when they purchased, what they bought, how much they spent in a specific time frame, and more.

AB testing for automated email flows

If you can't test, you can't optimize. And with Mailchimp, you can't test automated emails - much less automated email series.
Klaviyo includes AB testing for every paying customer. And that includes the ability to test automated emails and flows.
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