dotmailer vs Klaviyo for
ecommerce email marketing

A not completely unbiased look at how each platform stacks up.

  dotmailer is ok... for some people
Especially if you’re comfortable paying for extras or relying on services.
Klaviyo is built for merchants who want to grow fast.
Klaviyo helps you drive more sales by leveling up your marketing. Sending highly targeted, relevant email, Facebook and Instagram campaigns is easy.
With Klaviyo, integrations always included.
dotmailer offers integrations with ecommerce platforms like Magento... at an additional fee of $160 per month. Ouch.
Klaviyo has deep integrations with Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify Plus and more...all at no extra charge.
Pre-built, optimized flows in Klaviyo save you time.
dotmailer offers “native” abandoned cart functionality for some of their packages — but if you’re going to use it, they require you to go through their onboarding service. For a fee.
Klaviyo offers abandoned cart functionality to every user — AND you get pre-built flows for cart recovery, browse abandonment, welcome series and winbacks that you can activate with just a few clicks.
Klaviyo automatically syncs segments for Facebook advertising.
With dotmailer, you can't connect your segments to Facebook or Instagram: you'll need to stick with uploading lists to target Custom or Lookalike audiences.
Klaviyo's Facebook integration automatically syncs segments to Custom or Lookalike audiences. That means you can keep your Facebook and Instagram ad targeting up to date without dealing with the hassle of list uploads or manual refreshes. Plus, our Lead Ads integration makes it easy to pull in subscribers you generate from Facebook. Rock on.
Get up and running fast with Klaviyo.
Complexity and dev-dependence mean it can take quite a while to get started. In the words of one user, "After more than three months of them trying to implement this on August 31st, we finally gave a week's notice to get it up and running. Not only did they not get it up in a week it was still not up by the end of September."
Klaviyo is built to make it easier and faster for you to get up and running and driving more sales to your store. In the words of one reviewer, "Run to Klaviyo. Run fast, bring all your clients, their friends, your uncle, bring everyone. You will not be disappointed! It's literally THAT GOOD!"
Klaviyo is built for merchants who want to drive sales - not operate software.
Again, a dotmailer user says it best: "the platform seems to be intentionally limiting with what you are able to do without their assistance, unless you have a full-time expert on your own team."
Your time is too important to spend navigating through software or waiting on services team. That’s why Klaviyo emphasizes powerful functionality and usability. Want to send a different email to people who abandon high value carts? Or offer a coupon the first time someone abandons their cart, but not on subsequent visits? No sweat.
Klaviyo gives you an all-in-one pricing model.
dotmailer's starts with a base price and different plans to choose from to get the features you need. From there, they also offer things like integrations, onboarding, and training… at extra cost. All that can add up to thousands just to get started.
Every Klaviyo feature is included in our plan, offered on a month to month basis. There's no long-term contract with fine print to worry about. You'll never need to worry about changing a plan or contract to get access to a new feature.

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