Email deliverability

Stay out of spam with email deliverability tools

Klaviyo helps you reach subscriber inboxes again and again—just like sending a package directly to their front door. When switching to Klaviyo, deliverability rates will only improve by helping you reach more active subscribers.

Land in their inbox

Internet service providers (ISPs) continue to place restrictions on email inbox access—by catering to any industry best practices, Klaviyo helps marketers avoid spam, social, updates, or anything other folder that rarely gets checked.

To further maximize your email marketing program and deliverability, Klaviyo offers the choice of a dedicated domain for brands who want additional revenue-driving analytics.

IP warming and deliverability optimization

Klaviyo segmentation makes it easy for ISPs to view you as a good sender with warming.

With our segmentation tool, you can create engaged and unengaged segments from your list, only sending to highly engaged segments for those first few weeks while monitoring open rates, inbox placement, and engagement metrics in the Klaviyo platform to increase and optimize your email deliverability.

Start by sending a low number of daily emails during your first week—gradually increasing that number over the first month.

Email deliverability metrics in Klaviyo email platform

Everything you need to improve deliverability rates

Klaviyo’s deliverability toolkit and dedicated support for paid plans helps you stay ahead of the current advertising climate.

Love Vera made it out of spam folders when switching to Klaviyo

We were going into spam and promotions with Mailchimp. Within a month of transitioning to Klaviyo, we're in the inbox.”
Nate Johnson, Co-founder, Love Vera
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Better insights for better deliverability

Klaviyo gives you all the data and insights you need to see how your emails are doing.

Monitor your deliverability

See details like bounced emails, opened emails, clicked emails, emails marked as spam, received emails, and unsubscribes.

Hard bounce

A hard bounce is when an email cannot be delivered due to a permanent reason (like a misspelled email). Klaviyo automatically suppresses any email address that hard bounces.

Soft bounce

A soft bounce is when an email cannot be delivered due to a temporary reason (like a down email server). If an email soft bounces more than 7 consecutive times, Klaviyo will suppress this address.

Email marketing deliverability benchmarks

Built-in email domain authentication and security

Keep subscribers—and your brand—safe and secure.

Sender policy framework (SPF)

Detects email spoofing to keep your brand and subscribers safe from phishing attempts.

DomainKeys identified mail (DKIM)

Digitally sign emails using a cryptographic signature—so subscribers can verify that an email was sent by your brand and not modified by a third party.

Domain-based message authentication (DMARC)

Ensures that the sender of an email is who they say they are, and that the email has not been tampered with. A DMARC record also allows email senders to specify what should happen if an email fails authentication—for example, whether it should be rejected or delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

Email regulations

Klaviyo helps you stay legally compliant with email marketing laws. This improves email deliverability as you can reach recipients based on their opt-in preferences—so emails are not marked as spam.

italist saw 288% growth in email subscribers since implementing Klaviyo

Now we have a good sender reputation. We have a very healthy open rate. We have seen a huge increase in order value.”
Alex English, head of growth, italist
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Frequently asked questions for email deliverability

Email deliverability is the rate at which emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox and are not filtered as spam.

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