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Jenni Kayne grows email revenue and slashes sends 43.8% with Klaviyo

"Klaviyo really is our central point of reference for rewards, engagement, interests—all of that customer data."
Melissa Smith, director of retention, Jenni Kayne

Balsam Hill replaces 4 different SaaS tools with Klaviyo

"Klaviyo web tracking and personalization helps us market to our customers in a more relevant way."
Lauren Davis, senior marketing manager, Balsam Hill

Titan Fitness saves 75 developer hours per month with Klaviyo

"Klaviyo’s ease of use and extensibility with apps empowers team members to do their jobs."
Brandon Maskell, director of digital strategy and analytics, Klaviyo
titan fitness gym equipment

"If I could do it again, I definitely would’ve started with Klaviyo earlier."

Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley + Bennett

Legal Sea Foods

"Klaviyo gives you better data when it comes to A/B testing subject lines and content."


"We can use SMS in a more targeted way with Klaviyo."

Balanced Rock

"As a nonprofit that is all about human connection, it’s important that the systems we use don’t feel robotic or cold. Klaviyo is helping us create a more personalized user experience."

The Messi Store

"Klaviyo is turning a profit for us. We’re in a good place to grow even more."


"Klaviyo is the ESP that I love the most. I have seen unparalleled success from the platform."