closes in on 1 million subscribers using Klaviyo segmentation

Customer:   Industry: Specialty   Platform: Shopify

Industry: Specialty
Platform: Shopify

30% of total growth attributed to email YOY
180% increase in email subscribers, from 330K to 930K
145x monthly average ROI using Klaviyo was founded on a deceptively basic principle: that your pet’s stuff should look as good in your home as your own stuff does.

It started with dog beds, but today, every product manufactures—from waterproof throw blankets to car seat covers—is designed specifically so you don’t have to hide it in the corner.

Made from hand-selected materials and rigorously tested by dogs and humans alike, the DTC company’s innovative, high-quality pet products “are not only great for the pet, but also great for the pet parent,” says Jeff Sass, CMO at

Learn how uses Klaviyo segmentation to treat every customer like family


It’s kind of a dream DTC problem:’s products are so high-quality, there’s no need for customers to regularly replace them. The brand’s dog beds, for example, are so durable, they come with a lifetime no-flat guarantee on the human-grade memory foam. A customer might buy one and fall in love with it—forever. The team needed a way to turn one-time transactions into long-term relationships.


In Klaviyo, data about past purchasing behavior informs’s promotional messages to customers who may be interested in buying particular complementary products. But while Sass confirms that’s returning customer rate continues to grow, it’s not just about sales engagement. The team also uses Klaviyo to deliver playful, informative emails and texts that keep subscribers engaged and entertained—even when they’re not buying.

“Klaviyo plays a critical role in re-engaging customers and bringing people back into the fold so they can expand what they can do with We’re focused on supporting all aspects of the pet family lifestyle and Klaviyo helps us not only engage better with our community, but also introduce new products in a way that’s more personal and relevant, less hitting them over the head with sales-speak.”

Jeff Sass


Strategy integrates Klaviyo with platforms like Yotpo, which houses their loyalty and rewards program, to gather insights about customers’ pet families and communicate with them accordingly. That means creating unique segments and omnichannel flows based on factors like pet breed, age, size, and even quirks like anxiety during fireworks season. If someone has a greyhound, for example, they’re not going to feel seen by an email that outlines why dogs with short snouts often have respiratory problems.

“In Klaviyo, there are so many ways to segment our subscribers and then tailor these messages for them. The opportunities are kind of endless, which is really exciting. At the end of the day, we want to treat our customers’ pets like they’re our pets and part of our family.”

Gina Finn

Email marketing manager,



  • 30% of total growth attributed to email YOY
  • 180% increase in email subscribers, from 330K to 930K
  • 145x monthly average ROI using Klaviyo
  • 28% return customer rate


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