Zarina Tableware boosts its order rate from email by 300% with clever audience segmentation in Klaviyo

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Two decorative cups by Zarina Tableware


 increase in placed order rate since adopting Klaviyo


revenue attributed to Klaviyo


increase in average order value YOY

Zarina is a Lebanese brand of artisanal tableware designed and produced by local makers. Featuring designs by internationally acclaimed artists as well as up-and-coming talent, the collection is fresh and contemporary and the pieces are very collectable. Zarina’s market is largely international with most buyers residing in the U.S. and the Gulf states.

Learn how Born Interactive dished up a successful cross-sell strategy for the ceramics brand


The brand was typically sending mass emails to its subscribers and so it’s no surprise that email engagement was low. Nevertheless, the activity was still successfully generating sales – the problem was that they tended to be one-off purchases. Zarina recognised that lots of opportunities were being missed. After all, tableware that forms part of a collection should be easy to cross-sell – it simply needs an effective communication strategy, right? Unfortunately, Zarina didn’t have the means to segment customers in order to send them highly-targeted  emails about products they’d love.


Zarina sought help from digital marketing agency Born Interactive, which integrated Klaviyo with the brand’s WooCommerce store. Through the integration, Klaviyo syncs real-time data from the website, making it easy for Zarina to build customer segments based on buying profile. Now the brand can ditch the mass emailing approach in favour of setting up automated flows that send timely emails, triggered by customer behaviour. 

Optimising personalized email delivery was easy with Klaviyo, and Born Interactive is continuously evolving Zarina’s email flows in order to maximise returns. Klaviyo is definitely an integral part of any digital strategy.
Riad Afyouni
Born Interactive

There are more benefits. Klaviyo’s integrations with Meta and Google have made the brand’s advertising spend more effective. Lookalike audiences allow for better targeting and the brand can also retarget existing subscribers through social channels. The agency believes that using consistent, personalized messaging has created an overall uplift in the brand equity and will have long-term benefits for the brand.


With a segmentation strategy in place, Zarina can optimise its cross-selling activity by targeting buyers with products from the right collections, and in the right price range. It’s a strategy that’s almost guaranteed to yield more repeat purchases – in fact, Zarina has seen a 300% increase in sales conversion from email. 

As well as converting impulse buyers into loyal customers, the brand is using data to help convert more sales through other email activity. By using dynamic content and recommended product blocks in its welcome email series and abandoned cart emails, the brand has more than doubled the average click rate for flows. Even better, the average order value has jumped by 67% year on year.

While product relevance and price are obviously important, Zarina hasn’t forgotten to look at audience engagement. Using Klaviyo’s data, the brand identifies customers who appear interested but are hesitating making a purchase. Then it uses dynamic coupon codes to incentivise purchase and seal more deals. 

Message personalization quickly paid off. With Klaviyo, we were able to target customers with products we knew were missing from their collection. Through A/B testing, the email click rate skyrocketed by 116%.
Riad Afyouni
Born Interactive