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Eventige Media chose to implement Klaviyo across their client base because of the platform's ability to grow revenue. But Klaviyo did even more than grow their clients' sales. Klaviyo helped the agency save time, enhance their service offering, and even cut email marketing costs in half..

Alexei Alankin’s best ideas are born from the inspiration to do something different and better. And this pursuit of innovation led him to create Eventige, a full-service marketing agency based out of Midtown, New York City.

Alexei Alankin’s best ideas are born from the inspiration to do something different and better. And this pursuit of innovation led him to create Eventige, a full-service marketing agency based out of Midtown, New York City.

At the macro level, Eventige specializes in marketing strategy, consulting, and brand development. But if you ask their clients, Eventige is as full-service as full-service gets — handling everything from SEO & SEM to web development to email marketing, even packaging design.

“We’re a team of problem solvers, brand developers and engineers who take pride in helping brands develop models for growth” says Alexei.

Since its founding in 2009, Eventige has at least doubled in revenue every year, a recurring milestone that Alexei attributes to his team’s willingness to run toward complexity and to solve hard problems.

Not surprisingly, an agency that obsesses over “different” and “better” is always searching for new marketing platforms that can help eliminate pain points for clients, as well as improve their own workflow. That’s how Eventige came to adopt Klaviyo across their client base.

Alexei from Eventige
Alexei Alankin
Eventige Media Group

Read on to see exactly how Klaviyo helped Eventige cut costs, streamline operations and grow revenue for both the agency and its clients.

The challenge

Prior to Klaviyo, Eventige tested a number of email marketing platforms like InfusionSoft, iContact, and Mailchimp for their managed accounts.

Many of these platforms were inflexible and cumbersome. Making changes often required more time and expertise than the team thought was necessary.

Getting started with Klaviyo

Alexei and the Eventige team first came across Klaviyo as they were auditing email marketing platforms. They eventually decided on Klaviyo as the winner amongst a series of email marketing platforms they were evaluating.

“After getting to know the platform, we really saw the value of Klaviyo and found it to be super intuitive and easy to work with,” he says.

Not only could Klaviyo work well with ecommerce businesses of all sizes, the Eventige team knew it could lead to process improvements internally. It was the platform they had been searching for.

“Between the extra revenue our clients are bringing in and the reduced costs we are seeing on the agency side, Klaviyo makes our lives much easier."

But even though they were eager to move all of their accounts over to Klaviyo, they couldn’t do it immediately. That’s because they had 5 months left of a long-term contract with their legacy platform.

“We were excited about Klaviyo from day one, but actually had to wait and continue paying for a system we were not big fans of,” he says.

Despite having to wait five months to set up their clients on Klaviyo, Eventige immediately joined Klaviyo’s partner program and started making an impact in other ways.

“Eventige has been a model partner since joining the program,” says Ali Aldrich, Klaviyo’s Director of Partner Marketing. “They’ve done a lot to stay closely engaged with Klaviyo — attending webinars, taking advantage of trainings, being active in the Klaviyo agency community and sending leads.”

When they were finally able to move their clients over to Klaviyo, getting the ball rolling was even easier because of Klaviyo’s native-built integration with BigCommerce, Eventige’s preferred ecommerce platform.

“We were able to easily connect Klaviyo to our BigCommerce stores and get the ecommerce data we needed. And almost instantly, we started seeing an unprecedented amount of data about our clients’ customers,” Alexei says.

Another advantage of switching to Klaviyo, Alexei found, is that Klaviyo doesn’t require long-term contracts. This mitigated the risk of switching to a new platform.

“Eventige doesn’t require contracts either, so there was major value for us to partner with a technology that’s month-to-month,” he says. “We like that Klaviyo has to prove its value every single month, just like we have to.”

The results

For Alexei, an ideal technology partner helps his clients make more money, reduces agency hassle, and cuts costs.

Klaviyo checked all the boxes.

“Between the extra revenue our clients are bringing in and the reduced costs we are seeing on the agency side, Klaviyo makes our lives much easier,” he says.

Just by adopting Klaviyo, Eventige was able to significantly reduce their email marketing costs and improve staffing efficiencies.

“Plain and simple, we were able to cut our email marketing costs in half from a labor perspective and pass those savings to our clients” he says. “That was a huge benefit of Klaviyo.”

That’s in part because Klaviyo doesn’t require a developer to do things that should be basic — like launching email flows or sending out campaigns based on segmented lists.

Plus, the savings realized from effectively cutting their email marketing labor costs in half were often passed along to their clients.

On top of that, their clients loved the transparency and ease of use that Klaviyo provided.

“We kept hearing from our clients that Klaviyo is one of the best platforms they’ve adopted in a while,” he says.

“After hearing that comment over and over, we realized that Klaviyo is making us look good, too, since we recommended it!”

Client spotlight: Woodbury Outfitters

One account that’s thrilled with Klaviyo is Woodbury Outfitters, who brought on Eventige to help with branding, customer engagement and paid acquisition.

Since Woodbury wanted to do more with segmentation and email automation, one of the first orders of business was to hook up Klaviyo to their ecommerce store and start using their transactional data.

“The data in Klaviyo gave us instant visibility into who their best customers were, which allowed us to get deeper with segmentation and create very specific messaging to those customers” Alexei says.

Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation and personalization has even helped the Eventige team pitch ambitious new projects.

“For every email we send, we know exactly how much money it generates...and the fact that we see their email revenue growing makes us feel great about the value we’re adding.”

“Klaviyo opened up the conversation to pilot a program that rewards Woodbury’s high-value customers,” he says, “and it wouldn’t be possible without the level of segmentation that exists in the platform. That’s how Klaviyo has been a game changer for Woodbury Outfitters.”

The Eventige team also created several sophisticated email automation flows, such as cart abandonment, winback emails and browse abandonment flows. This was a level of email automation Woodbury had never had before and allowed them to immediately capture more revenue.

After just three months on Klaviyo, 21% of their overall online revenue is now coming from email; 11% of their overall online revenue is coming from automated email flows, which is a completely new source of revenue for the company.

Their abandoned cart flow in Klaviyo is yielding an average $7.50 revenue per recipient, while their welcome series is bringing in an average of $8.00 per recipient.

“They are outperforming the benchmark rates in Klaviyo, especially for abandoned carts,” says Klaviyo’s Ali Aldrich. “For example, Woodbury’s revenue per recipient on their abandoned cart series is 25% higher than the benchmark rate across the Klaviyo network.”

The data in Klaviyo made it possible for the Eventige team to identify patterns about Woodbury’s customers and create an engagement strategy that was truly backed by data.

“Klaviyo helped us connect the dots and realize how great their customers were,” Alexei says. “Then it helped us send those customers highly personalized messages.”

Communicating and building upon Woodbury’s success was also easy because of Klaviyo’s “front and center” performance dashboard. The Eventige team found that this level of detail and visibility helped take work off their plate.

“We love the visibility that Klaviyo gives you around performance,” he says. “Figuring out ROI is easy, and that’s a win-win for the agency and the client.”

And Woodbury isn’t the only Eventige client seeing success. Klaviyo is helping to generate powerful ROI across their client base.

“Klaviyo pays for itself and then some,” says Alexei. “We even have clients that have come back to us and reinvested the profits they made on Klaviyo. It’s been an amazing experience.”


Getting results with Klaviyo


Slashed agency’s
email marketing labor
costs by 50%


Eventige clients saw an
avg 33X ROI on Klaviyo
in their first 5 months


Eventige clients saw an
avg 33X ROI on Klaviyo
in their first 5 months

The blueprint for a successful Klaviyo partner

The team at Eventige did three things that made them a successful Klaviyo partner.

First, even though Eventige couldn’t sign up their clients right away, they were able to immediately join Klaviyo’s partner program and start taking advantage of all the benefits.

For instance, the Eventige team familiarized themselves with Klaviyo by completing the training modules, attending webinars and subscribing to the newsletter.

When they were finally able to start referring leads, Eventige was immediately eligible to receive ongoing revenue share payments. On the flip side of this, Klaviyo sends leads back to top agency partners like Eventige when retailers on Klaviyo need extra help with their marketing.

“We have an extensive network of retailers, and many of them are looking to partner with expert agencies like Eventige to help with their marketing,” says Ali Aldrich. “We do a lot to connect those retailers with our top partners.”

Second, Alexei and his team really focused on diving into the product and experimenting with the robust feature set in Klaviyo. Because Klaviyo doesn’t require contracts, they were able to try the product risk-free before they brought it to their accounts.

“Get under the hood and have fun experimenting,” Alexei advises. “Once you see all the robust features, the easy-to-use interface, how it saves your agency money and helps clients grow, Klaviyo becomes a no-brainer.”

Last, Eventige created a high-quality service offering around Klaviyo that led to proven results, and then replicated that success across their client base. The formula: sophisticated, triggered email automation flows, as well as personalized email campaigns.

On top of that, Klaviyo made it simple to see the results of their efforts, which often showed revenue growth for Eventige’s clients.

“For every email we send, we know exactly how much money it generates. It’s the straightforward reporting that our clients love, and that we need from our tech partners,” says Alexei. “And the fact that we see their email revenue growing makes us feel great about the value we’re adding.”

This is where Klaviyo aligns most with Eventige’s goals. It’s all about helping the client grow their revenue. Klaviyo helps Eventige deliver on that promise.

“In that way we see Klaviyo as being more than a platform we use,” Alexei says. “Klaviyo is a growth partner.”

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