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June 26, 2020

  • Parents with children under 18 report more plans to go shopping in-person in the next month.
  • More people under 45 say they will buy beauty products in-person in the next few weeks compared to those 45 and over.
  • Many people say they will be spending the summer at home or with family.


Parents with young children say they will be shopping in person.

Seventy percent of parents in areas where retail stores are open say they will be shopping in person within the next month. In comparison, 61 percent of parents without kids under 18 say they’ll shop in person beyond just grocery shopping.

Twenty-three percent of people without children say they do not plan to shop in the near future compared to just 16 percent of those with young children.

plans to shop in-person by parental status 6-26

More young people are buying cosmetics in person.

For people under 45, beauty, cosmetics and grooming products are the second-most popular category plan to buy while shopping in person over the next few weeks. These products are a higher priority among younger shoppers: 25 percent of people under 45 say they’ll be buying beauty products in-person in the next month, compared to 18 percent of those 45 and over.

plans to buy beauty products in-person by age 6-26

Many people plan to stay home this summer.

Thirty-five percent of people say they plan to continue social distancing and staying home throughout their summer. Of these, many say they are still hoping to relax and create a “staycation” for themselves.

Ten percent said they plan to visit friends and family. Some mention staying local while others plan on traveling to visit. Ten percent say they will spend the summer working. One person mentioned that they are “trying to find seasonal or gig jobs.”

plans for summer 6-26

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