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June 25, 2020

  • More men than women plan to dine out in the next month.
  • People are most excited to visit salons, parks, movie theaters, and gyms now that places are reopening.
  • People in the US report more plans to travel than people in the UK.


Men are eager to eat at restaurants again.

In areas where restaurants are open for dining, significantly more men plan to visit. Fifty-five percent of men say they’ll go out to eat in the next month compared to just 40 percent of women. Forty-two percent of women say they don’t plan to dine out in the next month, compared to just 31 percent of men. Eighteen percent of women are undecided as are about 14 percent of men.

plans to dine out by gender 6-25

People are long overdue for a haircut and manicure.

Now that places have started to reopen, many people are looking beyond restaurants and retail stores. Eighteen percent of respondents plan to visit hair and nail Salons. Eleven percent seek the great outdoors and plan to hit parks, both local and national. For some, watching movies at home just isn’t the same. Eleven percent of people want to see a movie in theaters, though many aren’t open yet. About 9 percent plan to exercise at their local gyms or fitness centers once they reopen.

places people plan to visit once they reopen 6-25

US residents are ready to travel this summer.

Fifty-six percent of people in the US report having some sort of summer travel plans compared to just 43 percent of people in the UK. When it comes to travel distance, however, UK residents are going abroad. Almost twice as many UK residents than US residents say they’ll travel internationally. This is unsurprising since the UK is closer in proximity to several other countries.

travel plans by country 6-25

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